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  1. In short, this can be spiced yes. I would suggest replacing the entire cable though. The other option is, is to solder it back togeteher. From memory, the plug and play cables are quite cheap.
  2. I has this issue at a clients property. When you go into your settings on the iPhone - Go into EZ View, and double check that "Allow Notifications" are turned on. Next, ensure that "lock screen, notification centre and banners are all pressed". Also enable sounds and badges. Now, on the NVR, go into Alarm and check the settings in there. Do you get the notifications from the other cameras?
  3. Sounds to be like the internet connection to the DVR/NVR is dropping out. The tech support from Uniview are fantastic - If it something that bothers you, maybe give them a call and see what they suggest.
  4. chris63220

    Tidy cables / cable management

    Thank you . Any pictures of how you've done it that you could share?
  5. Hi all. I'm wondering how I can make my cables look neater I'm trying to avoid having the cords all messy and laying on the ground. My dvr is a Kodicom KSR-916 16ch.
  6. chris63220

    WIFI Enabled Action Camera

    It'll need to be within a few meters. They're good if you're pointing your cameras and don't have an external monitor.
  7. chris63220

    Using conduit to hide cables

    Can't get into the roof. Hence why I was going to use conduit.
  8. I'm moving house shortly and am considering using conduit to hide my cables inside the home, and maybe the ones on the outside of the house too, if I have any cables showing. What sort of conduit do I use? And if it best to put the conduit up high along the top of the wall, or best to run along the ground on the skirting? Any pictures would be helpful. I haven't done this type of cabling yet, so any advise is great. Thank you, Chris.
  9. I would go with Swann cameras. I have two of their dome cameras on my home, and they are super great at night. I also have an Omniview varifocal camera - I was considering changing it to a Swann camera. That gives an idea at what I prefer. As per the DVR, I don't know much about them, I only know about the cameras. I use a Kodicom 16ch dvr (I don't have it connected for remote view). Hopefully this helps, Chris.
  10. chris63220

    Swann CONVR-B83MP dome camera

    As long as it has the same connections on the end of the camera it'd work. Ie, if your current Swann cameras use the BNC connections, then find a dome camera with BNC connections on it .
  11. chris63220

    What brand of IP camera is this?

    Go to Google and look up something along the lines of, 'security camera hidden in light' or something like that. It may come up, but if not at least you'll get to see some cool looking cameras haha.
  12. How do I connect this camera? I'm confused with the power part..
  13. chris63220

    Help with Swann 466CAM

    Try download the software from the internet.
  14. I have dome camera, can I do that? They have fairly wide angle lens .
  15. I should mention this is my own home - Not worried about vandalism.. I'm just going to mount the camera then run the cable so it's exposed. I can't drill huge holes because we rent. Just after a rough idea of where would be an okay place to put it.