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  1. Will a night vision camera work through a window or will the infrared just reflect off the glass so the camera sees nothing?
  2. There are multiple apps that can turn an old cell phone into an IP camera. I loaded IP webcam on an android phone and can stream video. Is there a way to have such a phone/ camera use motion detection to record on a network computer hard drive similar to a DVR? IP webcam seems to be doing that but I can't tell where it is recording.
  3. I have a neighbor throwing nails and bolts into my pool. There are now rust stains all over the bottom and it needs an expensive resurface. Are there any cameras or anything else that could see nails thrown into a pool...probably at night. I have a standard CA style privacy fence maybe 10 feet from the pool. It is pretty obvious who is doing this but since I have not actually seen anything thrown, the police can do little. I would need to see the nail and which direction it came from. I have a Swan 1080p HD camera system with night vision and have an unused channel (NVR8-7200). I do not have camera real close to that area but even if I put one there, I doubt it could pick up a nail at night.
  4. My new DVR has inputs for alarms. Does anyone sell wireless door/ window alarms that could be used to connect to the system. All I see is alarms that make noise. I believe the input is simply looking for a contact to close. I would have a hard time running a wire from window to DVR. A wireless device that could close a contact by the DVR should work. Or..is there some other way?
  5. I just purchased an 8 camera 1080p system. Install is pending but I'm wondering what size monitor I should get for viewing. This is in a home so the smallest monitor would be the least intrusive to the home and I'm sure the largest would give the best view. What would be a good compromise?