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  1. Sarah Geldard

    Converting Speco .dvr files

    I work for the authorities in the UK so cannot answer for your locality. However, we prefer that we are simply supplied with the appropriate playback software. It is more secure evidentially and retains original quality as most converters add more compression to an already compressed file.
  2. Sarah Geldard

    Everfocus edr810h external HDD problem

    Hi We had the same problem with an everfocus system (not sure of model no) and it was simply that the machine is limited to 700mb for backup (ie cd size) we ended up using an ext cd writer from the serial port.
  3. Sarah Geldard

    Avtech 4 Channel dvr problem

    Hi I am not familiar with that specific machine but have had similar issues with others and found that formatting with fat16 worked on sanyo machines also some machines will only allow use of usb pen.
  4. Hi I tried this software on an AJP file and it does not seem to work - it extracted only 20 jpgs from an AJP that was 700mb! unless I am being a dumbo and you can tell me if I am doing something wrong?
  5. Sarah Geldard

    Samsung SHR-4080P

    Does anyone know if a hard drive removed from this system can be played via software on a PC, either internal or via USB/Firewire connection, or will it only play on a dedicated machine? Thanks