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  1. videobruce

    Diagonal pattern on CCTV camera

    That was the problem or the solution? Come to think of it, a poor ground with the coaxial cable feed from a specific camera can do that also.
  2. Separate power feed from a nearby outlet (something I normally don't do, but I need this to be separate from the existing analog cameras).
  3. I have seen plenty of posts of connectivity issues and I'm not referring to wireless. My point was and is, you don't need IP cameras to access them remotely as long as you have a DVR, or NVR if you prefer.
  4. Then how is a IP camera different? It's still another 'format' (for lack of a better term) since it needs electronics to convert that signal to something that is recordable?? Yes there is. First, for the reason I'm looking for this; recording from a single camera, separate from any other camera(s) as in stand alone.And, when I upgrade, I plan on using TVI. Using a IP camera would be a waste. UP cameras are overrated, too many issues with them. As long as the DVR has a IP connection, remote access is there. Correct me if I am wrong, but when one access a IP camera it's done thru the DVR, correct? You don't go directly to the camera bypassing the DVR, correct?
  5. There are no TVI cameras with internal memory???
  6. videobruce

    TVI DVR with SS memory?

    You hit the nail right on the head. " title="Applause" />
  7. No idea what a "game camera" was until I clicked on your link, but I would of known what a wildlife camera was. Interesting, but that would never blend in where it would be placed by a long shot. The house trim is white. It's not practicable for a fence for numerous reasons and it wouldn't of stopped what happened. The zoom function is for initial setup. Once set, it's done. I would access the camera directly by pulling the card if there was a need to do so. This supplements an existing analog camera which has no DVR (not that, that would matter).
  8. videobruce

    New EZVIZ System

    I think you need to read the 1 star reviews; https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R1VXGP3TOKJAE9/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B015121KH8 That is the FIRST thing I do when I shop Amazon, I only read the 1, 2 & 3 star reviews adding those percentages to make a judgment call. $200 is nothing for 4 cameras & a DVR. That should buy 2 decent cameras.
  9. Are there any TVI DVR's that use memory cards, at least as an option so a HDD wouldn't be required? I only need short term recording 24 hrs (maybe 48), 4 cameras now, 8 max (maybe).
  10. videobruce

    Diagonal pattern on CCTV camera

    Could be a ground loop.
  11. videobruce

    Camera settings for best image?

    It called overshoot (white outlines) & undershoot (black outlines) due to excessive analog enhancement. A age old problem with analog video. If the camera has a 'sharpness', detail or aperture setting tine that down a bit. Also, the same goes for your monitor (especially if it is analog) if it has a similar setting.
  12. videobruce

    Looking for surveillance cams question.

    I always look for a zoom lens. It's worth spending more for the flexibility.
  13. 1. Forget wireless. nothing but a problem!! 2. Have you considered TVI? No IP hassles. Less headaches. You can still access the cameras remotely thru the DVR (if equipped).
  14. videobruce

    Is wifi bad?

    Ability to use existing coaxial cables & power from an analog system, No IP nightmares between cameras, No bandwidth restrictions. As long as the DVR has a Ethernet connection you have all the access from each camera you would have if they are IP. The only benefit I can see from IP is if you are setting it up with POE which is basically the 'lazy' way to go. You still need cables and 'pulling' a 2nd cable isn't really that more difficult assuming you want all your power coming from a single power supply. Ethernet cables need additional care not to get them 'kinked' (which is easy to happen). I just feel IP is overated.
  15. videobruce

    Is wifi bad?

    Did you ever consider HD-TVI that uses conventional coaxial cable and separate power feeds? You can still remotely access the cameras via the DVR as long has that has a IP ability. You do NOT need to have IP cameras to access than remotely. And to answer the OP's question wireless is a PITA! It's advertised as the 'lazy' way to setup up a system, but as others already stated, the cameras still need to be powered.