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  1. Hello Guys, Currently at my home running with Xiaomi wireless Camera x 2, Dahua Camera x 2 , Imou wireless Camera x 3 , ACTI camera x 2 and I have a Xiaomi Smart Home with some wireless PIR & door sensor Act as home alarm system. The problem is - CCTV even Dahua NVR or Imou Apps Smart alert only allow you select by period schedule to do trigger to your phone (which alot of time is incorrect , because we doesn't have fix time period) a) the only time maybe is sleeping time (1am-5am) , if I configure alert trigger base on this period , Day time CCTV won't alert I was thinking whether possible to do integration between Xiaomi Smart Home Arm or DisArm integrate with Dahua / Imou or others system , Objective is during Alarm Arm mode only to do push notification I'm not sure possible to use Home Assistant to close the gap
  2. Bandwidth of networks ? Just to clarify is the bandwidth of networks is for Networks Recording Server Or Display Server ? I will propose Gigabits networks switch. do you think is enough ? Quality of recording Video - if i propose 2 set (NVR + Display Server) each set cater 90 camera . (e.g: 8 mega bits per second * 90 cameras = 720 Mega bits per second, i think 1 network port able to handle the load right ? Display port - I think no issue on this part, Display Server usually i will use on board graphic card usually will come with 2 or 3 display port (HDMI/DVI/VGA) is enough for me
  3. If you will be using all acti, why dont you call them and see what they say? Dear Sir, i don't call them because i don't wish to stick with one vendor and i hope i can understand myself first and finalize the design first. do you able to advise?
  4. Dear all Sifu, I'm still new in this industry, I'm was designing a new setup for my corporate office however one of my management require which is require to full live view for all camera , project all 180 camera in the operation office. My management expectation is -Make sure live view is smooths (i believe require 25 frame rate per sec) -Live view all 180 cameras ( after i study Live view will consume a lot of PC resources) -Recording 30 days (i think is ok for all vendor NVR) Question 1 1)Base on you all sifu experience , do you think 180 Camera - Combine into 1 Recording NVR + 1 Live View Server (What CPU spec require ? i think require double CPU??? ) -OR break into 4 set (Recoding NVR + 1 Live Server) each set handle 45 camera recording and live view (What CPU spec require ? consumer i7 it is good enough?) anything need to take note more ? Camera and NVR i planning to use ACTI however I'm worry on the display LIVE View part.
  5. ------ Thanks - makes sense ...didnt know about Doorbot, and found another SkyBel. Nice concepts, but reviews look iffy, a lot say not working well ... will research more! Hi I'm chuan here, just want to check with you , did you bough the wireless door bell ? I'm planning to buy as well but i check a lot of review say that not so stable but the last update i notice is on Jun 2014, not sure now what is the quality... please share