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  1. Logan005

    HD-SDI camera with a pink hue

    I have an HD-SDI board camera installed in a fence post. I needed to replace the board and the lens was not compatible, so I ordered a new lens. The lens came yesterday, it is an M12 25mm IR lens. Upon installation I noticed the bright areas of the picture has a pink hue. I have gone through all of the OSD settings and can not find an adjustment to fix this problem. I currently have it set to B&W but wish to return to color mode ASAP. Anyone have any idea what setting it could be? or do I need an IR-cut filter? I have ordered several electronic IR cut filters should be here in a week or so. Thanks in advance, Logan..
  2. I have a generic camera with Sony CCD, it is a 30X optical power zoom 10X digital, with Auto focus and manual override through RS485, I also have an unbranded Pan head, also RS485, I plan to deploy this set atop my 55' tower on 120' of siameese RG6/Cat5 cabeling. So far I am able to Zoom and focus but I am unable to address the pan head. With the camera, I must pick a number for device ID, ie:0, 1, 2, 3, but the Pan head does not seem to have an ID, I have tried several different connections scheme's and yet I am unable to control the Pan head. since I have cat5 in the set up should I consider runing the RS485 for the Pan head on it's own pair? The Pan head is all metal, If I open it might I find dip switches? I was afraid to open for fear of damaging it. I was also hoping to be able to control the camera OSD menue over RS485 as well. I have had servelance cameras for decades, this is a first learning RS485. Any advice appreaited, thanks in advance, Logan..
  3. I have a 4 ch SDI security DVR that includes 2 IP camera display options. I want to use the HDMI output of my cable box to create an IP stream so I can view it on my hybird security screen. I assume I am looking for a device, Non PC based that converts the HDMI to an IP stream that I may access on my wired network. I have looked on E-bay and am confused by some of the descriptions. the one device that clearly does this is 259.00 If anybody is aware of a less expensive device that may work for this situation, Please advise. Thanks in advance Jim....
  4. Logan005

    Does your dome cause Image smear?

    Thanks Numb-nutz, I did clean the dome inside and out. and I recorded a huge difference with and w/o the dome in place. If this is standard dome performance, I have to say I do not like dome cameras. At lease with SDI 1080 cameras, It's like reverting back to standard cameras. what a waste.
  5. I have been upgrading old standard video dome housings with new SDI cameras. once I focus these new cameras and install them, I have had to re-pull several of them thinking they needed to be re-focused, but once I remove the dome cover, the image becomes perfect w/o re-focusing. Is this common? do I have cheap dome enclosures? they are nice quality aluminum type base with a polycarbonate dome. but the smear they cause is very distressing. anyone have any good recommendations? do they make real glass dome camera hardware? Thanks in advance Jim...
  6. so I have learned a lot over the past few weeks, mostly on my own. very happy with the SDI cameras and the 6 channel hybird DVR, I ended up getting a MicroMod modulator from PVI. this one is on trial, but I love the hell out of it, so I have agreed with PVI to purchase 3 total at a very good price. so now I just need one more DVR to populate the 2nd modulated channel and the 3rd will be for my direct TV HD box. So I still need to purchase another HD DVR so I am trying to find something similar to first one, but with different IR remote signals so I can control both on the same IR repeater system. Any and all information on personal experiences is greatly appreciated.
  7. Maybe I am posting in the incorrect Forum? not much interaction here. Have I done something wrong? I have ask some questions and have many more to ask for advice, but few answer here. I guess I am on my own? I will try to open another thread. Thanks to those who did reply.
  8. so the second camera came in today, hooked up looks good on the VGA connector, but not the channel plus modulated channels. I know it's not going to look as good, but it looks worse than any of my standard video channels. going to switch to the HDMI connection for local viewing, but that will not affect my modulated channels, they are over exposed and wash. How easy is it to do LPR with these SDI cameras, the image I obtained seems of quality enough to see the license or boat letters. does the camera have to be special?
  9. Update: I received a mini SDI camera Friday, but the coax to the mmcx connector was damaged so I was only to get it to work intermittently, I am not as good soldering these days and don't have mmcx supplies on hand, so will have to wait on parts and work with the other SDI camera that arrives tomorrow. I have spent the past month studying up and I think I am headed in the correct direction for my needs. but any and all input is much greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Jim...
  10. Thanks for the input Karma, I have also thought the same for the front but the waterside is a bit different so I think a PTZ is in order. The DVR actually came in today, Shipped from PA. instead of China so only took 2 days to ship, I was lucky to have an old Tarra-byte HDD that works perfectly. but no video since no SDI cameras have arrived. I like the multi screen on this unit, it shows all 6 cameras with one highlighted. or quad and single view, very nice for in-house distribution. So I went with an SDI + IP dvr and that's what I am working with for now. But I have some questions. will a CVI camera work on an SDI DVR? seems like there is more selection of SDI cameras than CVI on Flea-bay, I also notice more 720 than 1080 cameras listed as CVI. I am hopeful one of the SDI cameras comes tomorrow so I can test it and plan the rewire of my cabinet.
  11. Thank You secplus: That's good because I already decided against the Samsung choosing instead the 4 SDI plus 2 IP, off brand Chinese model. what are the benefits of CVI over SDI? I am still waiting on the SDI equipment I also ordered an SDI field monitor, so I am super excited. I have a Medium budget so any mistakes won't hurt too bad. Quality if the utmost of importance. I am also interested in LPR, I live on the river and some houses have been broken into from the waterside (Back) I was curious if LPR could also recognize boat letters? Can a PTZ w/tracking dome camera also do LPR? on my front side I have 2 mini cameras located inside the driveway post, one wide and one telephoto looking half way down the street, most LPR cameras will not fit, what makes an LPR camera special?
  12. I have used a channel Plus quad modulator and some filters to insert security channels into the cable, easy fix and old analog modulators are cheap these days. if your cable has gone digital, there are other similar options although much more expensive. I am trying to decide on an upgrade to my distribution system, HD-SDI thru house coax with hdmi converters or a QAM digital modulator. so far price has been a brick wall. I agree with previous comment, best to concentrate on good quality recording as many lose interest in watching. there are lot's of ways to look if your looking.
  13. Just wanted to say Hi to the group and give a little info on my situation. I have a home wired with rg59 Siamese and cat5, we have about a dozen cameras that came with the system plus some hidden cameras I have installed. I have never been happy with standard CCTV cameras, even 1000TVL cameras end up letting me down. I have decided to upgrade a few of the cameras to either or IP or HD-SDI cameras, for am improvement in quality for some particular viewing angles. I was looking at a Samsung DVR when I found an Off Brand, Hybryd unit that claims to display 4 SDI plus 2 IP cameras in a 1,-4 or 6 screen display, I have to install my own sata HD, but it has all the needed video and audio outputs, for my CATV whole house distribution system. I never liked having 16 cameras all on the same DVR so I plan to slowly upgrade to use multiable DVR's. I hope I don't regret not buying the samsung. most of my rg59 runs are 100' or less 2 of my rg59 runs are about 150' any concerns running SDI on that length of rg59? I understand SDI since it's BNC, However IP cameras IDK. I was thinking 2 nice PTZ's but want to know more before I buy., Most of my security is powered directly from battery on 48volt mains maintained by rooftop solar. any personal experience is always appreciated. Thanks in advance Jim S..