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  1. Very happy with them. Image quality is great, and nice to be able to zoom without having to go out and physically adjust the camera. Other than my PTZs, they are my favorites. The other dome cameras I ordered I did a bit hastily, they have the chinese firmware that cant be upgraded. The IPC-HFW4431R-Zs have the firmware you can upgrade.
  2. It looks normal at the console. It looked ****ed when the camera was 100% upright.
  3. Yup, ended up with 2 extra holes I have to fill and paint
  4. Garage / Dahua IPC-HDW4431C-A Back Doors / Dahua IPC-HDW4431C-A Front Door / Dahua IPC-HDW4431C-A Back Yard / Dahua IPC-HFW4431R-Z Watching my boat and shed / Dahua IPC-HFW4431R-Z Side Yard / Dahua IPC-HFW4431R-Z Front Yard / Dahua IPC-HFW4431R-Z Patio / Dahua IPC-HFW1000S (got it off amazon on the cheap, I think its a knock off, hope it lasts, picture is good) Front of Garage PTZ / Dahua SD29204T-GN Front Yard PTZ / Dahua SD22204T-GN DVR / POE (Dahua 4216 NVR and Linksys POE switch) I probably could have been a bit tidier in my cabling, but, the NVR is hidden behind my second fridge in my utility room. I bolted both the NVR and the POE swtich to the wall. Should be hard to find, hoping a potential thief would think the fan is the fridge running. Regardless, I installed SD cards in all the cams that would take them. Finished product... this was my second CCTV install. At my previous home, I was foolish and went cheap analog. I learned from my mistakes, and hopefully corrected them. It was fun project. What do yall think?
  5. goodolick

    Home camera ideas and help

    I agree, wifi is never good for security cameras. I would also reccomend spending a bit more and getting Dahua or Hikvision online, New Egg sells both. My first security camera system was from a big box retailer and it was crap.
  6. You need to isolate if the camera is in fact getting IP address from your router assuming that it is using DHCP. I would start by connecting only one computer and the camera to the router, and seeing if you have two devices connecting. I would also take note of the camera's MAC address, it is likely stickered on it. This may aid in troubleshooting it.
  7. goodolick

    new to PTZ

    I got a shiny new Dahua PTZ to watch over my garage and driveway. Is it a bad practice to leave it on "tour" 24/7? Will it burn the motor out? Would I be better off setting an alarm to have it tour? Thanks.
  8. goodolick

    Connect to cameras through Dahua NVR

    Then there is your solution. Yup, got it thanks. I got 5 cameras up, waiting on 3 more to get here from China.
  9. goodolick

    Connect to cameras through Dahua NVR

    I was able to access the cameras though the DVR interface, there is an IE link in the camera settings page. I understand now that the NVR is trying to segregate the cameras and probably has some sort of of protection preventing 192.x network from the 10x network, however, because two computers are on different subnets does not mean they can not talk. All that would normally be required is a static route.
  10. Hi All, Sorry if this has been asked before, I tried to search some, but could not find the answer. I have ditched my old analog setup and went digital, the way of Dahua. I have the NVR4216_P8, I am wanting to connect directly to my camears instead of the NVR to look at their configs. For some reason I cant connect. Below is what I have going on. Home Network is Switch on NVR is 10.1.11/24 NVR IP is I have logged into my router and added a static route as follows, Nexthop IP address metric 1. I am still not able to ping or connect to camera. So then I tried adding the same static route on the windows box I would be accessing from and still cant connect or ping. I also went in the NVR settings and added as a trusted network. Ideas? I just want to connect to the cameras directly with out having to manage them from the NVR.
  11. goodolick

    Defender Sentinel Operating Temperature?

    Did you already buy it? I have the Defender 8 channel system. The DVR is OK at best and the cameras are not that great. I had to RMA one withing 2 weeks of having the system. Also, I learned that it would have been better to go with an IP system, rather than an analog system. I have only had my cameras down to about 20F and did not have any problems.
  12. Most poeple seem pleased with it, just search "Swann" in the search box, lots of threads on it.
  13. goodolick

    How to set up monitors

    I have this same HDMI splitter I use in my man cave to duplicate displays. output of my media reciver feeds into it, it then mirrors the display on two monitors. I still do not understand why you could not just use a web application that is configured on your internal network to view the server? If is it going to be windows2008, why not just RDP to it? RDP would be laggy, but you could at least see the cameras. If you want real time video you are going to have to run a video cable.
  14. goodolick

    I want a cheap half decent 8 channel

    No truer words have ever been spoken. I bought cheap first go round, still saving for round 2, and round 2 is not going to be cheap.
  15. goodolick

    Unbrick Dahua IPCs, NVRs and DVRs

    Would'nt it be more helpful to just post a "how to"? Or are you trying to solicit a service?