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  1. Excalibur

    How to bring cable in to the house

    Watching this topic with interest because I want to fit a camera to my (redundant) chimney top. (Great view up there). Can you use PVC pipe to run the cables.?
  2. Excalibur

    help with remote viewing

    Don't know if it helps but I had similar blank screen on my local network. If I recall correctly the solution was to use either I.E. (with warnings etc disabled) or Chrome with I.E. plugin.
  3. Excalibur

    help with remote viewing

    Best post the pics. As much info as possible please.. i.e.: left column showing the individual cameras, etc
  4. Excalibur

    Accessing DVR from PC

    One way could be via a web browser perhaps Chrome with I.E. tab extension. Type in DVR network address. Once successful, add it as a bookmark.
  5. In the router try reserving to the DVR's MAC address.
  6. Excalibur

    Hik DS-2CD2032F-I to Besder NVR

    Update: Finally the camera is working. After a very frustrating time I decided to give it one more try. I unplugged the network cable, waited a few seconds then replugged it in again. It appeared on the monitor after a short wait. Really I don't know what I did differently. It seems that if you don't do everything exactly the way the system wants and in exactly the right order, it won't play nicely. Kinda reminds me of the old Windows 95. The big test is will it survive a hard reboot...
  7. Excalibur

    Hik DS-2CD2032F-I to Besder NVR

    Now, a really interesting piece of the puzzle: The (DS-2CD2032F-I) will show in the CMS software if I access it direct by IP address. Indeed I have it showing alongside the 2 Besder cams. I had to add an "area" then add a "device". The bazaar thing is the DS-2CD2032F-I is connected to port 7 of the NVR. .......so it appears to be a NVR configuration problem??
  8. Excalibur

    Hik DS-2CD2032F-I to Besder NVR

    More clues: The camera doesn't show up in the Kb/s meter (in the list of 8 channels). Also it doesn't show in the CMS software which I have on a PC on the network. Neither does it show on XMeye remote view on my Android phone.
  9. Besder NVR with 2 x Besder Ip cameras which are working fine.. Problem is I can't get my lone DS-2CD2032F-I to show on the NVR. I'm sure I had these playing together nicely some months ago on the test bench. It would seem to be something simple but I've lost quite a few hours already with rechecking IP's, reboots etc. The DS-2CD2032F-I does come up via web browser and I can log in successfully. What could I be missing? Thanks.
  10. I bought my cam from Dragoneye with no problems. Now Julia at CCTV Camera is down to offering the same product within a dollar. Both have free shipping on these so I'd say either of the two.
  11. Good thinking re citronella and rubber gaskets. Actually I was thinking of coating the surrounding area, perhaps out to 2 foot radius. Spiders have been a problem on my current DVR cams so anything to slow them down would be welcome. Re reset issue,, I'm a bit wary of firmware after having issues with my DVR F/W upgrade. It sounded like a good idea at the time but though the DVR works, I lost a valuable feature. I can't find an original F/W and the maker website (Fuho) only has the latest version listed. Older versions are removed from the website. But, yes I read about the Hikvision firmware problem. It seems that once a product loses sales/market share then the makers move on, losing interest in supporting the old product. It's wasted time, effort and resources to them and they'd rather you bought a new one.. The underside of the sunshade looks like stick-on black vinyl, I guess to help IR? I'm pleased so far with my IP cam. I placed a number plate 15m away and I can just read it on "x1" setting using IE11 and the cameras' software. It's been very stable with no freeze ups at all.
  12. ..and I just happen to have some so I'll be trying it. Oh OK, so it's more like a factory reset on a router. All the settings go back to defaults. Not something to do by accident then. Still pondering on the idea. No hurry so will keep looking at options and learning. Reality is that every time I look at IP camera prices they have either come down or you get more for the same money.
  13. Good points. The spiders are relentless, I was thinking of some sort of insect spray repellant. Re reset button, isn't turning power off, then on again going to do the same thing? In the case of POE, the rj45 could be disconnected briefly for same effect. My plan is to focus at the driveway. There's only one entry/exit. I need to do my sums and work where I can mount the cam, then figure the lens size required. Closer would be good because I could use the 2032 with 12mm option.
  14. I had cam shipped to New Zealand so DragonEye is cheaper for me too. Yes I'm going to go for the dome cams as you suggest so thanks for the pointers. Good looking reviews too. At some stage I'm wanting to get a cam with a much longer range because I need to stealth monitor an adjacent parking lot getting the number plates. Am thinking 16mm lens and then I can have cam at a safe distance away and hopefully completely invisible.
  15. Vendor: Dragoneye. Initially I thought about a bigger lens but agreed to the default 4mm as seller said that was 'in stock'. Next cam I'll specifically ask about availability before buying. I don't think they keep any in stock as such so maybe it easier or cheaper to convince a customer to go with default. For me I want 6+ cameras anyway so it will work somewhere... I like the look of this cam here and the seller has awesome feedback so on my favorite vendor list too. However there are only two lens currently selectable.