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  1. Hi everyone, Just curious to know if others have cameras recording changes in sunlight sensitivity? During the afternoons to evenings when there are clouds, the cameras begin recording as if there is movement but there isn't any. As my cameras only have event detection using sensitivity and threshold, I don't think that these settings will have any effect but am not sure. I have also ignore short-lived motion set for 2 seconds. Thanks in advance.
  2. pbournias

    NAS + HIKVISION DVR .. need advice pls

    Hi, I have a Synology Diskstation DS-713+ that I use with 2 Hikvision cameras and after various updates to the system which is linux based over the past 2 years, I can say that I am happy with it both for security and other uses. The system has 2 x 3gb drives with 1gb ram and stores 20 days of video for each camera. Although the Synology Diskstation works great, their forum support is minimal and usually answers are from users rather than Synology.