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  1. yacinemi

    Super Mini NVR Configuration problem

    @unix1992 you are the life saver nobody solved this problem except you thank you so much despite I still not understand why I need to add 4 ports 34599 34600 34601 34602 !
  2. yacinemi

    Super Mini NVR Configuration problem

    there is 2 problem 1st problem is when I open my public ip:80 http in browser in another network I can open it and when I open it in my network I can't use 2nd problem is why only the http port is working because the smartphone app need the device port and can't get it working with device port I already set it to 34599
  3. yacinemi

    Super Mini NVR Configuration problem

    my display is different because I took the photos from internet explorer but using TV the interface is the same like you look those 2 photos and check if any parameter is wrong this image is from my TV this image is from internet explorer also I changed it from 80 to 90 and tested the local address of nvr from internet explorer it open the nvr but when I use my ip address not load at all
  4. yacinemi

    Super Mini NVR Configuration problem

    I tested with canyouseeme website all ports are working This product is from China country
  5. yacinemi

    Super Mini NVR Configuration problem

    when I check the DHCP box the Ip address will be deactivated I can't give ip address <<"you have to forward at least the following ports 80, 5050,5051,5052,5053">>as you can see I'm already configured the port 5050 and Added it to the port forwarding in my router bytheway I enabled DHCP box but when I click save show me message error Failed look this screenshot
  6. Hello Everyone. I have Super Mini NVR Configuration I got problem with configuration to access nvr via internet currently the nvr I can access it via local address but I can't access using my Ip address I configured the port forwarding in my dlink router (set it 5050) I test it using canyouseeme show me I can see you 5050 nvr configuration when I fill my in internet explorer not respond at all please tell me where I'm wrong