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  1. What I have been able to do is dvr program to save to avi. It does 30ips recording and when there is no motion, it is faster than real time, then when motion kicks in and then it plays at real time. But have not found any avi player that has a progressive scan.
  2. I am still working with that Everfocus EDVR4D1, this time I already have 2 weeks of a single cameras footage onto about 14 DVD's. The problem now is with the person that has to view them. The DVRview program that comes with the unit doesn't have fast forward. You can only scroll through the footage using a slider bar where you could possibly miss alot of footage. Called everfocus, they said, no way to fast forward the file. They said to try and convert to AVI. My question is, what are you guys doing in this case, what AVI viewer is best. Thanks as always for any input.
  3. The everfocus unit is able to generate without errors and transfer a larger file than the viewer can play. .. also is finished with no errors at 4gb when the actual file size was 7% of 500GB meaning it didn't even copy all of the information.. Sweet. Thanks again everyone!
  4. leaving my computer for a half hour but i will have my phone with me! Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone i am somewhat new to the CCtv world and was ask to install a everfocus EDVR4D1 (4 channel DVR 500gb hd) with a singal B/W telephoto lense for survance of a home for a police dept. Well after recording 7 days of footage we only have the unit for less than a day to get the footage off so we archived it to a local machine. WE did several small test and they worked fine,.. however when we archived the entire 7 days or so it saved fine, no errors no nothing but now the video will not play. When you click the viewer to open the file it just crashes the program and gives the do you want to send this report to microsoft deal.., i am using a 3.0GHZ P4 and its a fairley new machine. The video was supposed to be reviewed today by an officer to be reported to a court this week. ANYONE that can help and as soon as possible PLEASE!!! If someone is a professional and would need paid for helping with this kinda issue than i might be able to but its going to be out of pocket. I bought the unit from ADI but they are closed on the weekends! Thanks agian.!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!