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  1. Im looking to add 2x 4mp Hik turret cameras to my current setup and found them for a great price at Selec Security Products http://www.selecsecurityproducts.co.uk/IP-CCTV-CAMERAS/DS-2CD2342WD-I Website seems legit and they accept PayPal, but just wanted to get some feedback before ordering. Also will these work straight out of the box on my DS-7608NI-E2/8P running V3.0.8 firmware? Thanks Dylan
  2. Quick update, I opened in Firefox and everything works as it should. Thanks for your help.
  3. Ok I will try and get that up, I am using Internet explorer. Will give Firefox a try tomorrow and see how I get on! Thanks.
  4. Yes I am logged in as admin. I can change all other settings without any issues. On the screen for live view it says no plug in detected and I am unsure if I was able to view the cameras image before. Maybe this could have something to do with it?
  5. Hi guy's. I have recently installed a Hikvision NVR and 4x 3mp cameras into my home. I did a lot of research on these forums to help get me setup! I have managed fine with everything but when I go directly into each of my camera settings I cannot save any settings in the "image" menu, whether it be in basic or advanced settings. The strange thing is that I set 2 of my cameras to be on day mode all of the time when I first set things up. In most of the other menus there is a save button at the bottom of the page but there is none on the image menu. I was wondering if there was a save command I could input through the keyboard or if someone else has encountered the same issue? I have not changed any software either before I changed to day mode and since so cannot understand my problem. My cameras are all on firmware version V5.2.0 build 140271. Any help would be greatly appreciated!