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  1. SyconsciousAu

    Disguised cameras

    Why would you want to install photo frame cameras inside your home? Actually given that you need a week of storage you probably plan to put them in someone else's home which is very very illegal.
  2. SyconsciousAu

    Rotated camera?

    Not at all. Its the reason why the 90 degree rotation is there. Sometimes it is called corridor or hallway mode.
  3. SyconsciousAu

    Samsung Smart TV App?

    Have you considered using the web viewer through the internet browser on the TV? Can you explain this a little bit more Synconscious? I have Hikvision IVMS program and run my Dyns through No-ip.com, what website should I go to to view my cameras? I am using blue iris so I just log into IP of the NVR on the local network on the TV's integrated web browser. IVMS has the same functionality. Chapter 10 in the manual covers off on how it works
  4. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Up-to-50M-150FT-USB-UTP-Extender-Extension-Over-RJ45-Ethernet-CAT5e-CAT6-Cable-/311349165131?hash=item487ddb3c4b Get a USB over Cat 5 extender. Should fix your issue.
  5. The 3332 is the chinese market only version. It bricks if you try to upgrade the firmware with western region firmware. Go there and you may find a solution for recovering your bricked camera.
  6. SyconsciousAu

    2 story installation help!

    How is your house constructed? Cavity Brick, Double Brick, Brick veneer, ICF, Benex, Hebel Power Panel, Straw bale, Stick and Weatherboard? Slab on grade or do you have access to underneath the house? Do you have a basement? Insulation in the walls and between the floors? Does the DVR/NVR have to be in it's current location? Is this an analogue or IP setup? How handy are you? Have you ever pulled cable before? Can you patch and paint an internal gyprock wall? Would you prefer the cables be hidden? It is all very well asking for advice from the forum but saying "I have a house and it's two storey" does not tell us much.
  7. Range to Vehicle? Vehicle Speed? Number of lanes? Offset angle? Available lighting? Capturing vehicles in both directions? Does your budget include an illuminator? Human read or ANPR?
  8. SyconsciousAu

    What the difference between these 2 types of cameras?

    The only downside I have seen in relation to the the new 4MP series is the lack of a factory fitted 12mm lens option. True...if you really need it you can swap it yourself..there are models with the 12mm and 16mm options like this http://overseas.hikvision.com//uploadfile/image/20150705062249090.PDF I was just looking at that one on the website, and whilst the specs and price are excellent, I like, and more to the point the minister for finance likes, the aesthetics of the 2342 turret. I thought about the option of getting a 12mm M12 lens and doing the swap myself but I wonder if the reason there isn't a 12mm lens available is the lack of room in the turret with the new sensor.
  9. I had no issues with an I3 running 5 3mp cams and Blue Iris but at 7 3mp cams it got a little stressed during playback operations. Blue Iris is CPU intensive. I've read that Hikvision's free IVMS-4200 program is very resource friendly but it must be used with their cams.
  10. SyconsciousAu

    What the difference between these 2 types of cameras?

    The only downside I have seen in relation to the the new 4MP series is the lack of a factory fitted 12mm lens option.
  11. You are welcome Some people like cameras with an on board SD card for redundancy. If the NVR gets taken or fails, the SD card will still have video on it. That NVR has the capability to take 3mp video, enough POE power (50W) to power four of those cameras without issue, and enough incoming bandwidth (40Mbs) for high quality video. You are welcome again.
  12. If you don't have any particular need for wireless, use a wired connection. The speed of your internet connection does not affect the performance of your cameras on the local network. The 2032 is widely recommended, possibly one of the most popular cameras out there, and excellent value for money. That is the newer version with SD card and wifi. You can still buy the 2032-I a little more cheaply. The linked NVR will record in 1080P only and wont use the full 3mp of the 2032. It has a max incoming bandwidth of 50Mbps which is enough for 8 streams of 1080P at decent quality. The linked NVR has a maximum POE power rating of only 40W. The camera you want to use pulls down 5W normally and 7W whilst the IR cut out is switching. Running 8 cameras could cause power issues. I wouldn't run more than six cameras but I like a good margin of safety. You may get away with 7 if no more than two try to switch at once.
  13. SyconsciousAu

    Pen camera

    Not to mention illegal to use in a lot of places.
  14. SyconsciousAu

    IR Illuminator Competition. - Who won?

    Performed to its specifications at least.