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  1. Either that, yes. Or, an IP camera over ethernet/IP to a decoder that output analog video to the DVR would work as well. However, I believe IP cameras will drastically increase the cost?
  2. I need a reliable and somewhat affordable solution to send analog video from a camera to a DVR, over an ethernet (IP) network. We have done this before using Pelco encoders and decoders which works somewhat well, but is rather costly. Besides the pelco equipment being discontinued, they sometimes need a physical reboot when the network connection is lost. Due to the encoder location, this has been a nightmare. Does anyone have any experience on a cost effective solution that should reduce service calls? Another possible solution we are evaluating is the TCO-L1EV2409 from videotransmitters.com (link below). They claim it's not really encoded and decoded which will make it more reliable. I don't buy that until I see it, but maybe someone here has used it before. http://www.videotransmitters.com/Products_List/Mobile-CCTV-Systems/TCO-L1EV2409#.VMAVnCvF-Nc Thank you!