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  1. Yes there is, without a doubt. Check out Petards UVMS, a UK company.
  2. I've seen the exact problem on Covi cameras. It is a hardware problem..with them. When camera boots a mechanical device inserts the IR filter during calibration. If this doesn't happen properly you will get the symptoms shown. They will replace....
  3. lynndiwagon

    Ground Loop

    Try two BNC's and a coupling for the coax part, shouldn't make any difference on the power part.
  4. lynndiwagon

    PC Based DVR IP Camera system for office building

    I didn't know DVR's accepted IP cameras?
  5. lynndiwagon

    600 cameras

    Petards UVMS
  6. lynndiwagon

    TVL versus Effective Pixels

    pixels and analog don't go together in my mind. It's like comparing apples to oranges.....
  7. Take a look at these shots http://www.iqeye.com/gallery.html. particularly the casino pictures. Picture is much better with closer lense on the BJ tables
  8. Take a look at these shots http://www.iqeye.com/gallery.html. particularly the casino pictures. Picture is much better with closer lense on the BJ tables
  9. lynndiwagon

    Auto Iris bypass?

    If, for whatever reason, I wanted to use a lense that had auto iris capabilities on a camera without that function, what would be the best way of holding the iris open? Do they make such a device? Thanks Lynn Wagoner Yukon, OK
  10. IP cameras, i.e. Axis 232D will require quite a bit of current to operate correctly and I would not recommend using any spare CAT5 pairs for this function. Now, all control functions are via software commands via your viewing/recording software. You can control the functions via either the mouse or a joystick. You will need the correct software for the camera. Axis supplies software for its camera that has all of the controls built in. Other NVR solutions must integrate the Axis software into their program. This goes for all IP cameras. You will need to check with your NVR software supplier to make sure they support the camera you are interested in. I have experience with the Axis PTZ camera and it is excellent. Experienced operators will notice a difference in operation between the analog PTZ and an IP PTZ camera because of inherent delays for the IP camera called latency. The amount of latency is dependent upon many factors. They will get used to it.
  11. lynndiwagon

    Video Management software

    Take a look at my reply under "top 10 NVR..........etc." I don't know what kind of business this is in but you can save a load of money with the existing LAN. I also don't know how many analog cameras you have in place. With the LAN I'd take a close look at IP cameras. Try Axis or IQinvision. Encoders will add enough cost to ALMOST offset new IP cameras. Good Luck
  12. Yes you're right Ipsec, Ifsec......hard to keep up. Wish I could go. I noticed that Petards will be there. Look them up and see what you think. They should have that Immervision lens hooked up for demo. You'll find that very interesting. Lynn
  13. lynndiwagon

    Why are NVR's 2-4x the cost of DVR's?

    Think computers and storage. Storage is the biggest cost right now. Otherwise it is just a big LAN, which we are hopefully all familiar with.
  14. I'm surprised they don't list supported cameras, encoders, etc. Actually, they will integrate any camera/encoder you want to use. We ended up using it after much research, and many demo's. There are others, and they are all very similar. This is an emerging market and I think we are just seeing the beginning. The problem is that many casinos are heavily invested in analog and it is hard to justify the additional up-front costs. A new casino is the ideal time to make the switch. The big initial cost is for storage. As HD's come down in price things start getting interesting and competitive. There is really no comparison between analog video and IP video. Give them a call and I'm sure they would be glad to offer a demo. You can see them at IPSEC2007 in Birmingham this year, as well as most other major shows. Good luck in your endeavor.. Lynn Wagoner Yukon, OK
  15. Take a look at Petards UVMS. A UK company with office in US. We're using it at several Casinos. Also using it in high-end residence in FL. They just integrated Immervision (canadian co. that makes 360 lenses.) Works great. Take a look at Immervision, it is very cool and will replace Ipix technology, IMO. We're running over 1000 cameras at one sit. Also, have one 100% IP site with over 400 cameras.