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  1. RuthLandis

    Help a newbie to select a system

    You are facing problem for selecting between this two though you can simply check the configuration, while check the configuration possibly you can rectify which one would be the best one for security purpose. As per your information there is no change in price so while comparing configuration you can check which one would be the best.
  2. RuthLandis


    This particular camera is ideal for both tech experienced and the not really. Does not require a challenging set up. It was a sleek, easy set up. Camera features are excellent for those who have good internet high speed.
  3. RuthLandis

    CCTV system required

    Whenever selecting a CCTV system must identify if this meets your requirements. Very first among this provides the time period you would like the monitoring system to become upward. One day everyday lengthy? What type of technical advancements? Face recognition along with a warning program that rings a good alarm to advise you to a good intruder may also be an attribute. You might also need an option between monochrome digital cameras and full color cameras. Whilst color could be the more costly from the 2, in case you require accurate detail and film quality after that choosing a color CCTV system will probably be your best option. Selecting the actual cameras define your own CCTV system depends on the high quality and fine detail of the monitoring you need.
  4. RuthLandis

    I am looking for learning CCTV system

    This method is termed close signal since the recordings tend to be either stored inside the digicam device itself or passed in to a machine through a guaranteed network. There is absolutely no general public broadcasting involved with this program, guaranteeing total privateness and security from the recordings. This kind of digital camera may be set up in indoor or even outside places. Inside the indoor places, it has been placed at the top of the walls or installed on the ceiling. You will find completely different varieties of CCTV available inside the marketplace.
  5. Bullet Security Cameras are small Video Cameras that are shaped like a rifle bullet. These cameras are typically the width of a cigar, but they are shorter. Infrared Bullet Cameras are larger in diameter than standard bullet cameras. Bullet Cameras easily mount on ceilings or walls. The main advantage of Bullet Cameras is their low cost and small size. Although they have a low cost and are very small, they still provide excellent Picture Quality and Video Recording. You don't need to worry for the connection because they will do connection in what ever manner you want to connect it. Actually along with this they will provide one CD, just simply you need to install and and select the Camera IP. While doing this you can connect quite easily.
  6. RuthLandis

    motion detection

    When buying a security camera or complete CCTV system you need to consider the main purpose of the system. For example, do you intend to use it for: 1.) Observation 2.) Recording 3.) Evidence 4.) Deterrence 5.) Combination of the above
  7. RuthLandis

    Old installation headaches

    You get frustrated with the old installation, it is better to go with the latest technology. The CCTV camera you are using which has embedded with less features and the latest CCTV camera has embedded with with some extra ordinary features which makes them. The one and only way is to replace it with the new one otherwise you will face same kind of problem again and again. So it is good to replace it as soon as possible.
  8. RuthLandis

    Security system for inside car

    Car cameras are also known as dash cams. Car camera are a great way to ensure your driver or even employee does the best thing when driving. Dash cams will also be ideal for providing proof in case of any sort of accident or insurance coverage dispute.
  9. The following instructions will demonstrate how to embed a live video stream from an IP Camera into a web page that anyone can access. This is achieved by embedding the camera's plug-in code directly on your webpage. This concept can be applied to businesses that wish to share the live camera view with the public. First you must assign a static LAN IP address to the camera using the following steps: 1. Install the Installation Wizard from the CD to you computer, connect the camera to your network switch or router with CAT5 cable, connect the power adapter and plug it in. Then run the Installation Wizard from the shortcut created on your desktop. The wizard will scan your system and display the device(s) that are detected. 2. Select the device you wish to setup by clicking the check box. 3. Click the "Setup" button 4. Enter Hostname (or leave the default name) 5. Leave "Root password" and "Confirm password" blank* (*This is important because Internet Explorer does not support this command within the browser) 6. Click "Next" 7. Click check box "Reset IP address at next boot" 8. Enter IP address, Subnet mask, etc. using proper Internet Protocol naming conventions 9. Click "Next" 10. Click "Apply" 11. Update progress dialog box will appear. Press "Done" when completed 12. Click "Link to selected device(s)" at bottom right of the setup screen. This should open up the Web Page Interface with Internet Explorer as shown below:
  10. RuthLandis

    How to access home CCTV from outside?

    By simply doing few simple things you can access your home CCTV from outside. Go to the setting option and click on DDNS setting fill all the details and make sure that Enable DDNS checkbox is checked or not, if it is not checked then check it. Now you can simply access your home CCTV from outside as well.