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  1. Hi all. Had a storm and my NVR shut off and now won't turn on. I tried another power cord and no luck. I had it plugged into a power surge protector which shows all is fine. Is there a fuse or something inside my Hikvision NVR?
  2. trooper

    Hikvisoon IP addreses NVR vs Camera

    So i need to use the internal ivp4 address? Which is from memory? I set 192.0.0.X and it will work?
  3. Hi all, my cameras all work but i had a question with the ips. I used ipconfig and my default gateway is My cameras on my NVR are 192.0.0.X Does that sound correct or am i missing something here. Im trying to replicate this with a friend and his cameras don't connect.
  4. Hi all. My neighbour's have locked themselves out of their Hills brand NVR. They were logging in fine then one day the same password wasn't working. Now they have entered it incorrect to many times and its locked them out. They are not connected to the internet. Is there anyway to reset the whole system?
  5. trooper

    Hikvision problem

    Hi all, I have a Hikvision outdoor dome which has suddenly got a problem. It goes into night mode, turns black and white, IRs come on but its like the Iris isnt opening up as its a lot darker than usual. Its been fine for 2 years but now this. I have played with all the settings but no luck. Any suggestions?
  6. I have same problem. I fixed mine for now by turning brightness down to about 115. 128 is default
  7. Do you have a DDNS server? Does your app on your phone have a DDNS section?
  8. Hi all, can anyone zoom in and enhance a number plate of a car I have on footage? I can zoom in and get a decent look at the plate but wondered if someone had an algorithm that can enhance more?
  9. Did a reset on camera and NVR and still no luck. Looks like ill have to run it thru the modem as that's the only way I can get it to come up on the NVR
  10. Ill do a rest today see if that works. Work this out though. My cameras that do work are 192.0.0.X with a gateway of one even has a gatway of Isnt the gateway meant to be in the same numbers as the cameras IPs?
  11. Yeh i thought of reseting the nvr and camera to default to see if that works. I am currently running it into my modem and it all works but no recording i think due to not being in the nvr. If i reset nvr and take photos off all current settings will that be all i need to reinput all the current settings?
  12. I have the exact same problem. Doesnt seem like many people post enough to help in this forum
  13. Firmware is the latest on the camera. It comes up on my nvr screen when i plug it directly into my modem. When i plug it direct into my nvr i get nothing. I have tried dhcp as it sets a ip of 10.0.0.X but same problem nothing on the nvr only when i plug it into modem its visible
  14. Ok i managed to get the camera working but only on my network. Its plugged into my modem and my nvr can see it. But when i plug it into the port in my nvr it doesn't show it!
  15. Need help please. Ok I have Hikvision NVR 8 port POE. Its all set up and working fine until I bought a new PTZ Hikvision to replace a dome camera. I connected the new PTZ thinking thats all I needed to do but it comes up NO LINK and I can't obviously see it. I am not overly tech savvy but im not stuipid either lol. My other cameras according to my NVR are 192.0.0.x My new camera is, I tried to change the IP with SADP but it wouldnt let me set any IP My default gateway is according to ipconfig SO im confused if my default gate way is 10. etc then where and how is 192.etc working?? My NVR sees the camera when I got to "quick add" part and it sees it as, when Itry to add a new camera in the old cameras port it won't let me delete the old cameras IP and settings. I am sure its just a configuration thing, can anyone set me through it ????