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  1. No, you just need center. But this software is 5 years old. Better if you upgrade. 5.3 is the only software still supported.
  2. You need the Diginet 5.3 client to convert this .avi.
  3. heloder

    Kodicom DvrNet LAN Issue

    Your password is wrong. Try 1234. (That is the default.) Also, this software is 5 years old. Try Diginet 5.3. It works with windows 7.
  4. heloder

    kodicom 4400R

    Send an email to support@saysecurity.com they can help you. They can sell you boards and the newest software.
  5. We would be happy to look at your system if you want to send it to us. If we can't duplicate your crash, we can't fix it. J
  6. Ryan, we will not offer a trial version again. It's not worth the risk. If you ever want to attempt 5.3 in the future... I recommend: Intel MB Intel CPU ATI Video card Our embedded OS (XPe) is still the way to go. No windows issues. We built is custom for our DVR software.
  7. Does exacq support IO boards such as the KIO-1616? Best' date=' Christopher[/quote'] Not sure. We have never tested with them. J
  8. Make sure you are using 32 Bit version. We have 10 software guys that work hard at what they do. We can't risk 5.3 getting hacked. For this reason, we removed the trial. We considered releasing this version only to our dealers, but decided that others may benefit from the windows 7 side.
  9. I don't think you will be satisfied with the results. Many MANY false alarms. Even if you turn down the sensitivity. A motion detector would be well worth your time and money.
  10. If you purchased this software please contact support@saysecurity.com for help.
  11. For this to work consistently you will want to use a motion detector. You will need an I/O card for that.
  12. 5.3 will work with Win 7 32 Bit. We removed demo mode from 5.3 due to a high piracy rate.
  13. Hi Curley, Yes, we (SAY Security), are the only ones developing the Diginet software. All others have abandoned it. The software needed some work to make it Windows 7 complaint. Email sales@saysecurity.com. One of our sales reps will get you started on 5.3. Thanks J
  14. Ryan, Do you have a 5.2 Key? We no longer offer demo mode.
  15. We have a stainless steel version of the Titan camera. http://www.titancamera.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=6&Itemid=11 Also, we are adding a built in ACTi IP module that will be released in March. Cheers