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  1. poker_fish

    Geovision Upgrade to Ver 8.3

    I upgraded over v8.2 and all my settings were same after the install. Easy upgrade.
  2. Thanks for the reply sinbad. Both systems are identical. The RAM should match to the motherboard, but I did mix and match with other types with the sme results. My error screens after disabling the "auto restart" were strangly various. Sometimes they would be memory errors, other times write errors, other times just generic system hardware errors. It's puzzling to me why after a few days will I crash. If my GV card is defective, I'd have to assume it would be DOA from the get go. -poker_fish
  3. I recently built two identical 16 camera systems. The priority is live viewing on two 24â€
  4. I have a small rooming house (like a motel) that we want to monitor the halls in. The halls are about 90 feet long and 4 feet wide with a 10 foot tall ceiling. Camera positions at one-third and two-thirds down the hall pointed down and towards each other. The lighting is what poses the biggest problem. The only source of light comes from bright sconces mounted on the walls. I mounted two high resolution dome cameras and have enclosed two sample screenshots. I’ve played with all the brightness settings on my DVR (Geovision 1480) and those images are the best we can get. You can see that the light sconces really come out overly bright. I have two other hallways (in the same building) with the same parameters and lighting, and thought I’d ask a camera recommendation before I ordered and installed any more cameras in these halls. A few things to note: When the clear dome enclosure is off, the image is a lot better. Could there be glare coming off that enclosure. We’d prefer dome, but is that the way to go here? Both cameras are zoomed in about 7x – this allows us to see the ends of the halls and not have much overlap between the two cameras. We never used/tested a camera with Wide Dynamic Range, is this an application for that? Our goal is to see monitor traffic of our rooms and to be able to see who is coming out of what room. We are able to do this with the current dome cameras, but would like to see if there is a way to get a better image with that dark hallway and extremely bright light sources. All input is greatly appreciated!