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  1. I couldn't find a manual either, and the reader only came with a wiring diagram. The Entrapass user and reference manuals were also little help. What you said was spot on though. I didn't notice before, but when I punch in a 5 digit code on the keypad, the system records a key number and an invalid access attempt - similar to what happens if you swipe and unassigned key. The keypad has it's own key number just like the fobs do. I created a "Keypad User" and assigned it the keypad "key" and set a PIN for that user. It works perfectly. Many thanks for helping me put that issue to rest!
  2. I feel like the answer to this question has to be right under my nose and that I'm going to feel really stupid when someone points it out, but I'm honestly stuck. My company has a Kantech access control system with (6) KT-300 controllers and 11 doors. We are running EntraPass Corporate 5.0. When installation was done, we went with P225XSF readers at each door. We are a utility that regularly dispatches on-call personnel after hours and occasionally run into situations where crew members forget their key fob. Not a huge deal, but it requires getting an extra person out of bed or delaying the call until the employee can run home for their key. It was requested that we replace one of our readers with a keypad/reader combo device so that the door could be opened without a key if necessary. I've replaced readers before, so I ordered a P325KPXSF and figured I'd just install it myself. Swapping the readers was a piece of cake. The card reader portion works perfectly, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to set an access code for the keypad. Within EntraPass, I've selected the keypad type on the KT-300 configuration. This causes a keypad tab to show up on the door configuration screen. That's about as far as I've gotten. We'd like the access method to be "keypad OR reader" as opposed to reader only or using a two-factor entry method with a key fob and a personal PIN. I just want to set a single code that opens this door. Does anyone know how to do that? Thanks!