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  1. Tjynde

    Hi there :)

    Hello fellow CCTV members. I'm from Denmark, working as a technician for a company that sells CCTV. Looking forward to share my knowledge, and most of all learn some new things.
  2. Tjynde

    please help

    Hi Kashif It seems to me, that the Symsafes are being delivered in models depending on the size you want. I could not find any information in the manual regarding harddrive replacement, or supported harddrives for that matter. Without being sure, i think your stuck with the current harddrive. The system is usually running on the mainboard of the DVR/NVR. But you could never be entirely sure. I suggest you call UTC (the currents owners of GE). Maybe they can help you.
  3. Tjynde

    DVR password

    Hi Mic Have you tried with "123456" ? That password is pretty common regarding DVR/NVR's. Well it's actually very common regarding everything, but it's worth a shot.
  4. Tjynde

    [Ask] Reset hardware

    Hi ddtopgun Try removing the power. When the power is unplugged, try removing the small battery on the mainboard. Give it 5-30 minutes (Not entirely sure how long it will take) and put the battery back. There is a chance, that this will reset the recorder.
  5. Tjynde

    .DAV files

    .dav is a very common file within DVR systems. Without being 100% sure, i don't think Dahua is the creator of the file. I know a couple of brands, that uses the .dav system. A simple .DAV player should be able to play the recorded file. Unfortually i don't think you are able to locate, where the .DAV file came from.