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  1. Thank you SOOOOO much for this post, you saved me from myself. WHEW. I know just enough to get myself in trouble but your instructions were enough to get my camera working again. After several firmware attempts, and getting my camera stuck in a reboot loop I finally just tried the firmware you list at the bottom of the post and my camera was back up and running again. What's weird is that a couple of months ago I purchased a couple other Dahua IPC-HFW4300S v2 cameras and they both came with: Software Version2.420.0003.0.R, build : 2014-09-30 WEB Version3.2.1.223527 ONVIF Version2.4.1 Which prompted me to try and update the 3rd one I just received today. No dice and extreme panic until I found your extremely helpful post here. Thank you so much for your work on these cameras and hopefully you're able to figure out how to get the latest firmware working on all the IPC-HFW4300S v2 cameras. Thanks again, Paul