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  1. Max 56Mbps incoming bandwidth Your nvr is not capable of what you want.
  2. I am new to this forum, but reading everything and joining my "expirience", dahua has great platform but "short" hands.Sorry for that. But using opensource kernel and root file system, joining to that good west and east cost heads, should lead to best product ever. But ... are thinking different. Thats pain on my brain and heart...
  3. After this conversation it is interesting then dahua begin to encrypt their FW images or so.
  4. Dear uset, firmware is for dahua cameras which are selled in china. Its original dahua. So i see no problems here. No China camera on ebay allied are copy .... WHY DO you think dahua or hik SAY can't help you ...... Why should they get blamed for no support for a camera that never touched there factory .. Both offer reginal support .... If camera is not a copy Ok dude, I am reseller and i know that is dahua's politic to separte markets, china and other world. In china the same model costs 50% cheaper... So turn on your brains and sh... ;] just kidin
  5. Dear uset, firmware is for dahua cameras which are selled in china. Its original dahua. So i see no problems here.
  6. ~ # logView -r all 1 user name:admin password:14:24:50|: 14:24:51|[Manager] info CLocalClient::CLocalClient(0x0x13381c8)>>>>>> 14:24:51|[Manager] debug CLocalClient::login() successful! username = admin admin$language -r14:24:56|[AmbaVideo] mt9t002 register 0x3180[0xA089]! 14:24:56|[crypt] LANGUAGE: copy_to_user 14:24:56|[libpdi] SimpChinese 14:24:56|[Manager] trace Crypt Language is: SimpChinese
  7. Guys, Nor config tool nor older firmware helped here. As i told, best choice as i made, is modify custom-x.ubifs.img partition. Files in usr partition are doing nothing. Its enought to change /mnt/custom/i18n line "Languages" : [ "SimpChinese" ], and move English.txt to SimpChinese.txt. Thats all. Its important to use check.img from chinese firmware otherwise fw will not flash. All i can say - pay attention to the headers of the files, dahua likes it ;]. Open firmware file in editor, change to first letters DH to PK and you get full working zip archive ;]
  8. So i managed to edit custom img file from firmware, repack it - sign crc and... I have flashable frimware from web interface in english
  9. On IPC-HDW4300C, you cannot flash english firmware. It says wrong file.
  10. Somehow i cant, it was working earlier, now i get this ~ # dd if=/dev/mtd/1 bs=4096 count=1 2>&1 ýÛæbootdelay=3~ # Made it: bootdelay=3baudrate=115200ipaddr= autosip= macstdin=serialstdout=serialstderr=serialHWID=IPC-HDW4100C:01:02:05:19:0A:00:01:06:01:00:00:210:00:00:02:00:00:00:00:00:100devalias=IPC-HDW4300Cda=tftp 0xc2000000 dhboot.bin.img; flwrite; tftp dhboot-min.bin.img;nand protect off;flwrite;nand protect ondr=tftp 0xc2000000 romfs-x.ubifs.img; flwritedk=tftp 0xc2000000 kernel.img; flwritedu=tftp 0xc2000000 user-x.ubifs.img; flwritedw=tftp 0xc2000000 web-x.ubifs.img; flwriteds=tftp 0xc2000000 dsp-x.ubifs.img; flwritedc=tftp 0xc2000000 custom-x.ubifs.img; flwritedt=tftp 0xc2000000 data-x.ubifs.img; flwritedf=tftp 0xc2000000 fpga.img; flwriteup=tftp 0xc2000000 update.img; flwritetk=tftp 0xc2000000 uImage; bootmbootcmd=nand read 0xc2000000 0x00c80000 0x00580000;bootm 0xc2000000bootargs=console=ttyS0 mem=138M ubi.mtd=romfs root=ubi0:romfs ro rootfstype=ubifs init=/linuxrc video=amb0fb:720x480,720x480,1,0 lpj=2392064ID=1A01870PAA00120native=1filesize=200fileaddr=C7000000ethaddr=4C:11:BF:9C:EF:30appauto=0 My camera is 4300c
  11. I can repack img file, but the size somehow is a little bit larger. I think its because of different lzo libraries.
  12. UPGRADED_MSG: native 1 UPGRADED_MSG: verify_native failed dd if=/dev/mtd/1 bs=4096 count=1 2>&1 displays native=1 in china fw. So it has to be changed to 0, i think. You're wrong!
  13. I managed to flash eng firmware, but i need to rename file English.txt to SimpChinese.txt in custom-x.ubifs.img. Any help? After that there will be full flashable firmware from web or upgrade tool.
  14. Maybe somebody can paste (dd if=/dev/mtd/1 bs=4096 count=1 2>&1) output of native= parameter, from english firmware.
  15. How did you started the trace? Did you rewrite uboot partition? And what about config partition, and backup partition. Config1 file and etc... And what are the differences between check.img file in eng and ch FW... [0m[35;40m12:16:29|[Manager] fatal Src/Locales.cpp:630 Language Not Compare!!Going to exit! If you do not modifie i18 file, just replace contents /mnt/custom/SimChinis.txt to Eglish.txt contents, sonia will start without errors, so somewhere is parameter that this camera is region/China. Look to your camera config from onvif manager - youll find regional/China in english fw its only regional/ ... I think config partition and uboot is most interested parts. What do you think about this: dd if=/dev/mtd/1 bs=4096 count=1 2>&1 | grep -m 1 ^HWID= Maybe there is localization info in this mtd device?