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  1. Hello, I need some help. We need to install some cameras in our delivery truck. Does anyone have any suggestions? Much thanks
  2. is there how-to guide that shows me how to crimp a bnc connector to a rg59 wire? or can someone show me how? many thanks, yipster
  3. yipster

    Difference between these two camera?

    has anyone used these cameras before?
  4. Hi, I was wondering does anybody have any feedback on these two camera? http://www.cctvdealers.com/excdn12.htm http://www.cctvdealers.com/ex230hc.htm Also how does it compare to the Speco / KT&C cameras Many thanks
  5. yipster

    Outdoor Camer?

    What is a good outdoor / weatherproof color camera and has ir? I would need to point it to a parking lot and the front door. Would a bullet camera be good? Any suggestions? Many thanks, -y
  6. Hello, Does the GV-650-8 records 60 fps NTSC per video input or it is 60 fps across 8 video inputs? Which equals to aprox. 7.5 fps per video input. Thanks
  7. Hi, I want to setup a security camera to monitor my house. I would like to setup 2 to 4 cameras. One outside, one to three insdie. I would like to use CAT 5 to run all the wires, including power. I heard PoE is the new way to go? Any suggestions for this setup. Thanks, Yipster
  8. Hi, I am looking for an IP Camera with Power over Ethernet. I know Axis sells one but it is too expensive. Do any of you guys know of any other manufacture who sells an IP camera with PoE. Many thanks