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  1. Hi mate Depends on te age of the camera, exact model number would be useful also the type of camera block can help to identify weather it will or not. The older domes only did mercer 485 not pelco. Even the newer apex and vertex domes had lite and pro versions, the latter being the one that supported pelco. Hope this helps Sam
  2. sam10693

    DM SD Advanced HDD failure

    Hi mate. If the HDD is brand new you need to initialise it prior to installing, also using a formatting tool, pre format to fat 32, put it in the machine, then you should be able to format, mount and allocate the HD from record options depending what version of SW you have on the DM. Best regards Sam
  3. Hi pal This is probably something you have sorted however if not, you have a couple of options, you can either solder your own connector up using pins 1 and 9 or you can run the 2060 on BBV coax. The SDAD is a fantastic machine if somewhat menacing to use, I have worked with many different DM u its so if you need any help, give me a shout! Sam
  4. sam10693

    bosch mic series protocol reprogramming

    Hi mate, It depends, if the unit is pre 2007 you might struggle changing protocol, if it's a newer mic you can change it with the mic software. Sam
  5. @poidaDagrate You can reprogram them yourself if you have a nulmodem cable and an FTP client like FileZilla, There is no monitor output on the dvips and from what I believe no cd drive so you have to do it manually. What dvip unit is it that you have? Sam
  6. Hi mate, Axis server should have Pelco P or D, Set dome to pelco, connect dome telemetry cables to server com port and you should be able to control from axis webserver. Best regards Sam
  7. sam10693

    VHSD-870EXT dome

    Hi mate, I have the same issue, The answer to your question is yes you can controll them with a CAT5 lead streight out of the dome top, On the connector on the dome you will see the pin outs marked up on the PCB, to controll the dome you need " C RS485" REMEMBER ITS 12V NOT 24V! hope this has helped, Best regards Sam
  8. sam10693

    PTZ protocol

    Glad to be of assistance right the Kalatel i think might have vista or baxall in it im not entirely shure but i do think your just better of with pelco d. can i ask what is your aplication i.e cameras, controllers, recorder ect? Best regards Sam
  9. sam10693

    PTZ protocol

    They will all probably have pelco p or pelco d in them as its a verry common protocol.
  10. Hi Mate id say dont even bother using it its one of these cheap ones of ebay and will more than likely kill you or your equipment. Id recomend gettin some proffesional kit. Also if its a dome your gonna need something that outputs the same protocol what dome are you using please?
  11. Hi Thats great im glad you have managed to find out about it a bit more but ill make some calls and see who i can find who might be able to help you best regards Sam.
  12. Hi mate right your best bet would be to try get hold of a reciever and transmitter of ebay if you have a dc head make shure you get a dc reciever. Or speak to paul,Dave or Kris at BBV theyre a great bunch and im shure theyle help you . If you need any more assistance please let me know and i will be happy to help. Best regards Sam.
  13. sam10693

    DS2 Support Pelco-D

    Hi I think you get pelco d out of the serial telem port hope this helps best regards Sam.
  14. sam10693

    LJD Dome

    Yes i think he just rang FV up and asked for a refurb unit and they had some so he bought one so i sugest giving that a try best regards Sam.
  15. sam10693

    multicore mains cabling?

    Nicely done good on you mate