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  1. eaglecctv14

    Forgot PIN to access DVR

    Hello! I forgot my pin (4digits) to access recordings and settings on my DVR. Do you know what can i do to reset? Thanks for our help!
  2. eaglecctv14

    Cannot access to my CCTV system

    Problem Solved! The port forwarding and all configurations were already done. I've installed the Video Viewer from Eagleeyes on my PC and rebooted the DVR, after that e could access remotly to my DVR. I suppose that after changing the settings in the DVR, reboot was needed to refresh the new configuration. Thanks!
  3. Hello! I have an CCTV system that i'm trying to configure to access remotely from internet. The CCTV system and my PC are connected to a Switch and this switch is connected to my ISP router (Thomson TG784n). The first step that i need help is to access CCTV from my network. When i ping the CCTV system i got answer, but when i try to access from my browser (google chrome), i got "page not found". When i try to check if the port 80 is open (defined on CCTV) with http://ping.eu/port-chk/ i got, port is closed. I don't know why can i ping CCTV but i can't acess it from my browser? Can you help? Thanks in advance.