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  1. Interesting solution from Comnet - continuous ping to camera. If reply to ping disappears - port automatically switches off.
  2. Separate vlan for cameras, and NVR with dual network cards, one for cameras, second - for workstations.
  3. shropna

    Alarms to iPad and iPhone

    At this moment i use Digifor VMS. Great VMS, but, no alarms integration with mobile devices.
  4. shropna

    Alarms to iPad and iPhone

    Hello, I looking for VMS, which can comply this requirements: On site we has Alarm panel, which can send customized message via serial port (up to 16 ASCII symbols). This messages should be used as alarm source for VMS. Another possibility is to generate HTTP commands on alarms, and, the worst way, relay outputs. I need integrate up to 40 different alarm messages to create alarms on video system (dome presets, alarm recordings). Also, user should has possibility to receive, fast review and playback alarms events from alarms list via Windows PC and iPad, iPhone. Easy navigation is most important thing, especially, events reports on iPad, iPhone and fast search and playback selected events video. On site are installed five Samsung SNP-6230RH PTZ cameras. From this cameras alarm outputs should be possibility to activate alarm sounders on alarm also. Can you recommend me the VMS, to comply this requirements?
  5. Hello. Does anybody knows better or equal sensitivity cameras (FullHD), than Grundig GCI-K1505B? Declared sensitivity of this cameras - 0.0005 lux @ F1.5 (IRE30) Any suggestions?
  6. shropna

    Autotracking dome

    Hm. Nobody done set-up, like this? Plese, help.
  7. shropna

    Autotracking dome

    Hello, I need suggestions about autotracking dome. Autotracking should work, like in this scenario: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15064520/alarm2.flv When no perimeter system alarm, dome just should do field scan. After alarm comes from perimeter system (VMS send preset command to dome), dome should immediately start autotracking. There no one perimeter zone for dome, one dome should handle about 6 -8 different perimeter zones. I'm tried Samsung SNP-6320RHP dome, but, it starts autotracking after about 3-4 sac, and target disappears from dome field of view. Set too wide field of view doesn’t helps, objects become too small for autotracking. Also Dahua dome was tried (with autotracing activation after alarm input closing), but, in this dome, autotracking sometimes work, sometimes no, with no reason, why... Also, dome should have integrated IR (minimum 150 meters), and 1080 resolution. Does anybody has good experience with this setup?
  8. Thanks. Which camera do you use?
  9. Hello. Can the Dahua NVR3216 record audio stream from Dahua cameras?
  10. Actually, motion detection metadata is more complicated, then just alarms, generated on camera. Real inteligent motion detection metadata contains all motion information, generated on camera. This metadata is important not just for live alarms, but for post event search. If you can record all motion information metada, you can create very fast pos event search algorythms to find an event in recordings. And this is not just motion in specified region of interest search. You can create any intelegent filter (loitering, wrong way, missed object, etc.) , and search will be very fast, because you will search only metadata informotion, but not do recorded video analysis again. So, inteligent motion detection metada is not just alarm information. But, this metadata analysis is not supported on most VMS. Just "Live" alarms....
  11. RIVA metadata supports various VMS manufacturers. I'm use Digifort VMS together with RIVA cameras. This software accepts alarms via RIVA cameras metadata. Also, supports counting functions, generate graphical reports, etc.
  12. You can downlod 500/600 software from me: http://ubuntuone.com/14ObLLxpkwA48z8fbABbkK
  13. IP cameras with analytic inside: http://www.rivatech.de/index.php/en/products VCA samples: https://www.youtube.com/user/vcatechnology
  14. Why you need autofocus? Fixed camera lens infinity focus is enaugh at most situations.
  15. Some cameras has twisted pair output in camera. Its camera "design problem", not a cable Yep. If you want extend distance from analog camera, you will use twisted pair or fiber optic, but not coax Say also, that fiber is designed for day light transmission from Austrlia to night Europe, but not for CCTV ??????? I mean, glass is designed for light transmission. But fiber optic use cctv, cable television, computer networks, etc.etc. So, say, that RG59 is designet for cctv, RG6 for catv, and cat5 for networks - is not correct. First computer networks also use coax cable, but now twisted pair