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  1. Wavelet like Jpeg. Good real time speed in local LAN, but unusible in slow network.
  2. Can you tell more information about that camera? Mayby link?
  3. shropna


    Once ia have that problem with GV600. Only on XP sp2. But with version 6.05 I download new drivers and software update from Geovision site to upgrade to version 6.1, and all work normaly. Strange, you have 6.1 Myby try reinstall drivers, downloaded from Geovision.
  4. shropna

    Field Monitor setup

    I make myselve monitor. I use view finder from portable camcorder, mount it in head holder. Better than standart service monitors: Both hands free No problems in sunlight,
  5. shropna

    Progrssive scan cameras?

    Anybody use that cameras? I thing, thats can be good choise with full frame digital recording. No frame shift problems, i thing.
  6. Is it possible edit default Excalibur alarm and other icons? And work with bigger resolution, than 1024x768?
  7. It is possible view in Internet explorer. Newer versions have that possibility. But Wawelet compression needs good conection speed.
  8. shropna

    Kalatel DVR pwr supply?

    Only 2 wires are used. But supply must have about 5 amps. And that DVRs are very sensitive to power supply current.
  9. shropna

    CCTV over VSAT

    Not bad solution is DigiEye. I use some camera servers over GPRS network, an have about 0,3-1 fps www.syac.com
  10. Kalatel has converters from kalatel to pelco, but only for basic dome functions, as a pan-tilt, zoom, focus. It is dificult use dome patterns. And needs reset about 4-8 times per month.