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  1. Hi there, I have been asked to install a camera suitable for licence plate capture (not recognition) in an industrial area. I have been looking at some of the new EXIR bullets offered Hikvision and I am seeking comments/advice from other forum members that may have had experience with the newer models in Hikvision's range. I know this topic has been covered in the forum before but I haven't seen a lot of discussion about how the new models perform for licence plate capture at night. Will only be called on once in a blue moon if there is unauthorized access. i.e. I am not talking about OCR licence plate recognition software. I have experience with hikvision cams and while they can read number plates fine in the day time it is much harder at night. The two new models I am considering for this application are: - DS-2CD2T22WD-I8 (2MP cam with 120db Wide Dynamic Range) - DS-2CD2T32-I8 (3MP cam with digital WDR) The longest lens offered for both models is 16mm which I plan to use. The 1st model has benefit of 120db WDR and lower minimum illumination. The 2nd camera has more megapixles but requires higher minimum illumination as a result so the higher MP count is not necessarily an advantage at night. Also doesn't have the WDR like the 1st camera although I am not sure if this matters? My plan is to position camera on the side of building directed towards the access to the property. So vehicle speed will be <10kph. I can position anywhere along the wall so plan to choose distance that minimizes angle to licence plate (i.e. plan to be front on) but limits field of view to the access to the property. Access is 7m in width so plan to put camera somewhere between 20-30m from access. Will test first then mount to wall. My questions are: - Does anyone with experience with these model cameras care to comment on which model would be best suited to this application or if it will even work? - Is the I8 going to provide the right level of illumination. Specs say it is good for 80m but I suspect this is overstated so have assumed it will be about right at 30m. If it was too much I could look at I3 or I5 variants which have lower lighting levels. Thanks!