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  1. I am looking at upgrading camera system and am wondering what brands people are liking the best? My previous system was an Acti and has worked very well with no problems. However, I want to add some higher resolution cameras along with an NVR that is more powerful. There is a total of about 21 cameras with about 5 outside (needing IR). I know Axis is a very good brand, but is it worth the $$$ over Acti? Looking at ~5 MP cameras with maybe a few 10 MP at building entrances. Mostly I need remote viewing (from phone and desktop) and good playback/reviewing interface. Acti use to have some quality issues (I never had an issue) but is that still the case? Any thoughts are appreciated?
  2. platestealer

    Can I use unshielded for weigand readers

    I believe there is only 120v going to the cab, (maybe 208). I don't believe there could be too much interference, but then again, I don't know.
  3. I am putting access control in a elevator that is 3 stories total. There are extra wires in the hoistway already, but they aren't shielded, can I use these anyways? Will it work?
  4. Has anyone had any experience with these two systems? Have you had a positive experience?
  5. I know this is a difficult question to answer as it varies for each person, but for a 40,000/ft2 building with an elevator (3 floors), 6 stairwell doors and 2 exterior doors. What manufacturer would be suggested. A good user interface is preferable. My thoughts so far are: Nortek (Linear) Honeywell (Web-ax controller) Keri Any thoughts on these or an other brands? I just started also looking into DAQ/Entrowatch
  6. platestealer

    Acti ENR-140 Port Forwarding

    Does anyone have any experience setting up port forwarding on an Acti ENR-140 NVR? I have the cameras all up and running but will be getting an internet connection with a static ip in a few weeks and will want to set up the NVR for remote viewing. I was expecting to come across 3 ports for the NVR (http, control, streaming) but instead in the setup menu under network tab, there is a port mapping section but there is just a http port to configure (default is 80). Also, is there any benefit to setting up each camera to do port forwarding or just set up the nvr (which would be easier)? I have never done this before so any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks