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  1. My card is GV 1120A PCI E with software ver 8.5.3 and I planning to replace 4 analog with 4 IP camera. I m suppose to buy the GV-EFD2100-0F 2 MP but the GV-EBD4700 4 MP caught my eye which is cheaper. Is my card compatible with GV-EBD4700? sorry for asking stupid question I just cant believe that the 4 MP is cheaper than 2 MP and I m worried that it might be only compatible with newer card this year(if any). tnx
  2. stark

    Ivy Bridge or Haswell?

    hi everyone. I m currently using Geovision 1120A Card PCI-E w/ Software ver 8.5.3 in my old Q9400 + Gigabyte P45 Chipset for 5 years and my motherboard's onboard Soundcard and Lan starts to fail. I plan to replace it with an i3 setup either Ivy Bridge or Haswell but my problem is I didn't see in current usavisionsys website motherboard compatibility list if they ever test a 1120A/1240A/1480A Card using a Haswell Processor. though I m open to using Ivy Bridge but I would prefer if could use haswell instead. I plan to add 4 1.3 IP cam in the future i wonder if the i3 is enough. Lastly if anyone of you is using Geovision 1120A/1240/1480A card in Haswell setup with no problem pls tell me which chipset are you using.I would prefer lower end board such as H81 or B85. Tnx