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  1. bramvdh

    heitel / vista / cam disk help

    http://www.heitel.com/en/service/support/ Why don't you try the support service from Heitel itself? Or doesn't it work?
  2. http://xtralis.com/product_view.cfm?product_id=114 Not really sure this is what you seek. PRO E-IPM - IP Module for connecting detectors directly to a VPN-Security Network
  3. bramvdh

    Battery outdoor PIR with IR light?

    Pro-E PIRs from Xtralis have wireless options with battery life of 2 year.
  4. I'm not sure on how up-to-date this topic is. But what about the "recent" Xtralis releases? PRO-E Portefolio as pir sensors? Adpro iFT-series as NVR "plus"? Any opinions?