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  1. Hikvision is a great product and works between -40°C and +65°C
  2. SynologyHosting

    HKVISION – Synology Surveillance Station

    No option I am afraid
  3. SynologyHosting

    CCTV Problems - Garbled Video?

    What is your synology surveillance station version?
  4. SynologyHosting

    Hello from Oldham uk

    Lucky you! " title="Applause" /> p.s. welcome to cctv forum
  5. correct this box is normally placed next to the camera
  6. Are you talking about outdoor junction box as on the picture below?
  7. Looks like you have faulty Synology station or simply overloaded What Synology device do you have?
  8. Oh, I see In this case of course you have to make your drill hole higher
  9. SynologyHosting

    CCTV Equipment Required

    I would recommend Hikvision http://overseas.hikvision.com/en/products_158.html
  10. Normally you should drill it from the inside. You can do it left or right from your power socket on the first floor, and then can put nice RJ45 wall socket inside. In order to keep all cables outside your house and make just 7mm hall, just put any outdoor junction box https://www.google.com/search?q=outdoor+junction+box Good luck!
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    Advice about a system for holiday home.

    Can you get unlimited 4G internet package in Finland?
  12. SynologyHosting

    Dahua USA retailers?

    as I mentioned camtechsurveillance should has them in stock just call them to confirm warranty etc
  13. SynologyHosting

    Hello people

    What are you looking for?
  14. SynologyHosting

    Dahua USA retailers?

    Looks like only one place in US you can buy it now is http://www.camtechsurveillance.com/hcvr7808s.html Its also difficult to confirm US authorized reseller as the following page does't show any http://www.dahuasecurity.com/partner_category/north-american-11.html
  15. SynologyHosting

    please help unable to see DVR over internet

    Could you try the following steps in IE on PC not located in your local network and let me know if it solve you problem? http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/help/genuine/ie-activex If not, please PM some guest login details and I can try to find port need to be port forwarded