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  1. evelynskyvision

    H264 hikavision card / ildvr

    If you have got the software license in the CD,dont konw whether the software is also in the CD, if that, you can open the folder that the software is installed. Then copy the license into the folder. Not sure whether can work but can try. Thanks
  2. evelynskyvision


    If the card is DS4004HCI, try to download the software from http://www.skyvision.com.cn/en/Download.asp?BigClassName=IDVR Thanks
  3. evelynskyvision

    Text overlay client

    The follow is my experience to share, don't know whether got you point . You want to find the solution that the software come with the dvr card have the function to capture the text file from the pos sent port and then turn it into the information to be shown in the video? Such as the “timeâ€
  4. Skyvision is a software company that are professional to develop the advanced H.264 real time digital surveillance products, it has the IDVR , NBV6, NVR and NVMS application software not only on the Hikvision cards but also on its own hardware compression cards . The software is developed integrated into the Axis ip camera . Netvision is one of the software producers that use hikvision cards and also the ILDVR,i think it uses the same cards . Hikvision manufactures the hardware DVR cards , stand alone DVR and other relative products. but they havent own software on the DVR cards now ,so it cooperates with software companies. There are also some companies that named xxxvision, but not sure they used hikvision cards and software.
  5. evelynskyvision

    IP cameras

    look at the Skyvision NVR ,it suipports up to 100 Ip cameras max,the engineers now is integrating the Axis IP camera into the NVR ,but at present the NVR compatible with DS series IP cameras completely .Also enough bandwith is important for that.
  6. evelynskyvision

    Hello from Ottawa, Canada

    Hi Stan, There are some softwares that hikvision used ,and most softwares support the win XP OS. Actually the Hikvision card Linux drives are available just like what their site written, but it is limited by the software ,if the software cant support the linux OS, The system fail to operate. There should be some linux softwares that compatible with the card ,but i am not sure who are they, you had better contact with hikvision to confirm it, and change the software if possible. Evelyn Thanks
  7. evelynskyvision

    info on ILDVR

    As i know, most ILDVR hard compression card are hikvision series cards, especially the cards that can support D1. If the cards you are looking for is that series and the management software is good enough, you can rest assured to try.
  8. evelynskyvision

    Advice on DVR card needed

    Maybe you can try the DS series card , the video qualtiy and stability is good ,used with the NBV6 or IDVR software support most functions that users need. There are some guys in the forum sell this card.
  9. evelynskyvision

    Help Please H264 7130 Board

    If the card you used manufactured by wave-p , it seems there is no other software compatible with this card. they just has their own software. you'd better try to contact with the wave-p person and list the software problems to them . They can solve it.
  10. evelynskyvision

    Help Please H264 7130 Board

    You'd better contact with their wave-p Tech support or sales ,i think they are pleased to solve your problems. http://www.wave-p.com/en/contact.htm
  11. evelynskyvision

    Hi from UK

    Hi Dave,nice to meet you. welcome
  12. evelynskyvision

    Can anyone identify these DVRs?

    It seems you havent known that Skyvision had been incorporated into the CSST (China Security & Surveillance Technology, Inc).the products that skyvision can develop will be more than before , this is a milestone for skyvision. Also the cooperation of hikvision is always continuing , not only the boards but also in other areas.
  13. It seems the dvr card didnt compatible with the vista system. not all dvr cards and software can support the vista system.
  14. evelynskyvision

    Request for DVRnet Software!

    can you find the software maufacture to register it again?normally, the seller will give customers the software CD when they delivery the goods.
  15. http://www.halley.com.cn//halley-en/ http://www.zhengrong.com.cn/en/index.htm maybe you can try these links