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  1. Thank you for the reply. I bought these New from Ebay, and they sat on a shelf for a couple months ish... Never received any software for the cams, Just a QR code that reads as nothing on my phone. Not sure where to attempt to look other than here for help to be honest. Never used this "brand" of cams before but reviews showed they were great. I must have missed a step or something is the only thing I can guess.
  2. Hello all, I have a issue and I hope someone here can lend a hand..... I bought these cams a while back as spares for my NVR system. That said today I needed one of them and when I went to use the tools the cam said it required, I was able to init the cams with login and password along with my email, I could SEE the cam in said tool but when I went to modify the IP it appeared to work but the IP is still in the program and I can not view the cam in the Smart PSS software (as it sees it as the default IP) I tried both cams and same result. At this time I am not even sure I have the right software to be honest. It is config tool 5.(some string of ling ass numbers) I bought these as they were Onif compatible and my GW security NVR works well with that format. I am at this time a little lost to be honest, and could use a guiding hand.
  3. Again Thank you very much. I will download that and install it to my phone and see if it works.
  4. OK one last Question and I think I am done. What iOS software can I use with this DVR so I can access it on my Phone? I have looked at a couple but I am not sure...... Also the QR code on the Device when I scan with my Phone tells me that, that Software /App is not available in my region..... Not that I really NEED it but it would complete the system for ease of access.
  5. North Dakota. Middle of nowhere really, but it home
  6. I could KISS you man. (no gay) OMG you saved my butt. Yes I know about the reset button but did not know HOW to use it. and even pressing it really did nothing. I thank you SO much. I was literally loosing my mind on this, and the seller was worried I was going to ask for my money back. I am so happy to have my system running again, I cant thank you enough.
  7. Well I contacted savvytech, they told me this unit was sold by another company, but was given there email address. So I reached out to them but as of yet no reply. Why in gods green earth does a damn NVR need frikking impossible security. I mean a danm reset button inside the unit would be nice. press it and Boom factory reset. No need for this crazy security.
  8. LOL none of those worked, I am sorry this is being such a pain.
  9. I just tried that one also. Still nothing. Just to make sure I am doing this correct. As soon as I get it up and running I try and enter main menu I am asked for the admin password, and in there is where I am trying these. Or is there some place else I am supposed to do these from? Again thank you for trying to assist me.
  10. OK I tried those and no luck. Serial Number on bottom of the unit is 3K07644PAZB56B6 I hope this helps
  11. Thank you very much I will attempt these later today when I get home.
  12. I bought this system used from a fellow on Facebook rummage, and when I got it there was a "pre-existing" password set for the admin account. We can not seem to figure out what it is, so the unit if effectively locked. Is there a way to re-initialize the system? I have tried pulling the onboard battery for about 2 hrs, pulling the HHD deleting all partitions ect... (Per his advice) Still will not let me reset a password. I am stuck and need help.
  13. ?? Well I am sure it is a T series and I am definitely powering the cam through the Ethernet cable...... Anyways I need a cable that is attached to the camera. 11 wire inside white waterproof ethernet jack with activity LED embedded and a separate but unused in my application 12 volt barrel plug. Looks like the attached photo.
  14. OK some more info that may or may not help. I used wireshark to do ARP request traces and found that I think the CAM is on IP This tells me this is set up as a Class D network (Multicast). I am not sure how to get farther with this as it appears the company that sold these cams use a proprietary way of connecting the cams.