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  1. kyrotech

    terrible audio feedback

    feedback is coming from somewhere, no matter how low I put everything, there is always a wom wom wom sound. when listening with earphones, its worse because we can hear it even more there is no mic near the system the setup up is for a hospital. they have the system in one room and the mic, speakers and camera in another. anybody? this is driving me mad....
  2. kyrotech

    terrible audio feedback

    Hi guys, here's my problem I'm using a GV-1240-8 with all 8 audio I am using top quality amplifiers and mics - Shure mics and Rolls amps no matter the setting, there is always a feedback or a wom wom wom sound I have tried setting up a system at our labs, and no matter the mic we use, it always has that wom wom wom sound coming back. Now, my question is, is there anyone out there that uses the GV audio on a regular basis and not have this problem? Or is this an issue that is not important? thanks for your help
  3. kyrotech

    Ver 8.3

    I can confirm that 8.3 is out. I have my hands on one right now. i am currently testing with 2 x GV1480 both PCI, contrary to what geovision said, I tried with 2 x PCI cards instead of 1 x PCI and 1 X PCI-X will let you know how the tests go thanks
  4. kyrotech

    scheduled I/O

    Hi, I hope someone could shed some light on the following issue I am currently using GV 8.2 with GV-650-8 I want to have my camera 1 setup to trigger output 1 whenever motion is detected. My output is a light (5000w), here is the problem, since its dark with only some street lights. I want the camera to record when someone/something enters a specific zone. so far so good, but a night time, the change of light causes the system to loop. So now my light goes on for 30 seconds, then off for 1 second, then back on because of the scene/motion detection. Here is my question, can we put a delay somewhere to prevent this?
  5. sure...the actual company is IBASE, they manufacture industrial motherboards. Iguard is just a CCTV division that they "accquired" Nothing special, but ok prices
  6. I see that not many people have tried the AS200 yet. I have installed a 16 door system. First generation, using AS Server V1.0 AS Manager, replaces this and is now ver.1.1 The setup was very simple and nothing fancy. Just some office doors and the shop area. my pros: extremly easy to setup interface straight forward easy intergration with GV DVR Card programming/adding users easy my cons: limited support many bugs exporting DB, not all info is there doesn't always read the cards properly I must say that I am not fully convinced. Geovision has a long way to go to catch up with some of the competitors. I hope that improvements are on the way
  7. most of you will probably say GeoVision manufactures GeoVision boards... I don't think so. Why? Just check out the Alnet website and have a look at the DSP series or the RT series. They both have shockingly identical boards (give or take a few transistors/capacitors) but extremely similar... so now I am on a mission to find out how manufactures for who...why you ask???Information that is needed. I hear that HIK manufactures for Ildvr,NuuO,Divis is this true? looking forward to the replies
  8. kyrotech

    Default Camera View

    maybe you could use the camera scan... under System Configuration--Camera Scan--select quad screen
  9. not sure what the exact questions is, but did you try using DMPOS under the GV folder? this little program will allow you to start up the program on whatever moinitor you want. But you still cannot drag the screen around.
  10. not sure if you're still looking...but your card looks like an Alnet card. The RT Series to be exact. Its an 8 channel 100/120fps hope it helps
  11. apperently GeoVision has the 8.3 soon to be available 64 channel system. 32 analog and 32 IP. Just wondering if anyone seen this at the ICS show thanks
  12. Hi everybody, I just wanted to know if the Phillips LTC 2682/90 would be compatible with a GV system. The customer has an exsisting environment and doesn't want to change the multiplexers. Because most of his PTZ cams are going through it. also, he is used to using the joystick and the setup that is there. I would like to remove his exsisting DVRs and replace them with GV system. So, my question is, can I keep the multiplexers and still send the video events to the GV system? thanks
  13. Just wondering if anyone has tried or tested the product I was thinking of picking one up to try out. thanks
  14. did you turn off UAC??? I have been using the 8.12 with Vista for a few months now, and never had a problem. Just make sure that the IE setting are right also
  15. kyrotech

    Audio Bandwidth?

    Hi, I am using a GV-1480 ver.8.1.1 I was wondering if there was anyway of knowing how much bandwidth the audio takes when streaming through the internet via VPN, CenterV2 and Webcam thanks in advance