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  1. kmurrey

    Neighbor taping me

    We just had a decision here in Ohio by the Supreme Court of Ohio that had something similiar going on. A neighbor didn't like what her neighbor was doing so she was video taping everything. The neighbor filed a lawsuit on invasion of privacy and WON. I'd contact a new attorney - I think you have a case.
  2. kmurrey

    Need PTZ Controller

    I would think that the software itself would allow you to setup a 'tour' that would switch automatically.
  3. kmurrey

    Sata Raid 0 with WD Raptor

    I am curious what you came up with this. If you are truly wanted redudancy than you want to use RAID 5 with 3 drives. In the event one drive dies, you replace it, and rebuild the raid set. I would just use SATA drives with a true RAID controller. RAID 0 is just mirroring, it is faster - but there is no redudancy. Also - here is an excellent rundown on RAID Levels. http://www.acnc.com/04_01_00.html As a network dude for over 19 years - we only ran RAID 5 in our server based applications. Sometimes I would run Raid 1 for the OS and then Raid 5 on the data side.
  4. kmurrey

    DVR not accepting harddrive? DMR Error

    How about calling them on the phone or visiting their website - maybe they have Tech Support Forum that may have already answered your question.
  5. kmurrey

    Camera System Pays for itself in no time....

    Whether the person is the technician or the salesman - they are truly salesman. Your selling yourself and your product when you are sitting in front of a client. I am a technician - over 19 years in the computer industry. But I have been forced to become a salesman. I have to sell for my company, or there won't be a company. I think it is good that I have the technical background as I understand what it takes to do the install. I also take my senior tech onsite before we order all material just to make sure I didn't miss anything. I rely heavily on his opinion. So if you think all salesman are liars then your calling yourself a liar.
  6. We had a client of ours purchase a CCTV system from us. At the time all we were selling was Samsung DVR, Samsung Domes and Bullet cameras. The system all installed was around $19.5k. Within the first week the system already started paying for itself. A DHL driver had hit a pole and bent it. This was one of those concrete ones that are there to stop people from driving into the building. DHL guy was approaced the next day, he said he didn't hit anything. We brought him inside and showed him the video. He called his supervisor and told him what he did. The system has captured people hitting other peoples car, people falling, all kinds of stuff. So I think it is good to keep in your mind the things that have been captured by your current customers CCTV units so you can share that with new prospects.
  7. kmurrey


    Yes - we could make a custom bracket. But I was hoping there was some bracket already out there.
  8. kmurrey

    DVD / Record Store

    She said she wanted the device to record for a couple of days in the event something would happen during the day and she could go back and look at it. But I am going to give her the option to go back for two weeks or so. With 2 camers and a 320 gig hard drive - she'll be able to keep a month or so - I think they are only open 12 hours a day. Thanks for the comments about covert. I wanted to try them, but I may just do domes. No wireless here.
  9. kmurrey

    Fanles DVR?

    Scorpion: Give them a call. Like I have said in another post I talked with Jack and he was very helpful.
  10. kmurrey


    We have a request to use dome cameras in a warehouse environment. The ceilings are about 30' - steel beam. How are you guys mounting your domes in these situations? I thought about using rigid 3/4" pipe to drop the camera down about 10', but the manufacturer says their camers won't mount to a two gang box. Any ideas?
  11. kmurrey

    New cctv

    Just make sure you get the filter so you don't back feed what ever you are sending out of the building to the cable company.
  12. kmurrey


    I am a dealer... just became one with them. We have been buying most of our stuff through ADI, but are going to switch to Northern Video. Northern seems to beat their quotes each and everytime. I got pricing on the demo....
  13. kmurrey

    Elevator surveillance

    I have to HIGHLY agree with Doug on this. You really don't want to be monkeying around with this. This seems like a huge liability to yourself. Put the liability on the elevator company. I'd even supply them with the wire. This is just not a general 'install' - so I would charge a hefty price for the cable install cause I am sure the elevator company is not going to do it cheaply.
  14. I have seen some of the software that allows you to put your logo in it, but I have no idea where to find it. Does any one have any links to software that does this? Is there a huge cost difference when doing this?
  15. kmurrey

    Wire question

    Of course monster - our clients pay for everything... cable, ties, ladders, tools, etc..