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  1. baywatch

    GV800 pos database corupt problem

    Thamks Rory It is also now saying "codec.dlls missing or corrupt, reinstall Geovision" What problems may I look for if I reinstall? Version 7.00 Thanks
  2. baywatch

    GV800 pos database corupt problem

    Hi We have an old GV800 16 camera system that we use as a loan. We have an error message on it that we cannot get rid of. c\gv800\database\pos20070620.mdb c\gv800\database\sys20070620.mdb The above are corupt & to use Jetcomp.exe to repair. I have tried the above without success, any help gratefully received as I am not that computer literate & must be doing something (or everything)wrong. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. Hi Haven't posted for some time as we've been so busy, however I am getting sick of customers moaning that they cannot view the Cds on other computers. We have the same problems with the police & local goverment, schools etc. I think the reason is that they are not allowed to keep their Media Player up to date without help from their IT department (usually non existant help). You guys know any way around this problem? We recently had to put evidence onto video tape for the police, thats crazy. Excuse me if its been covered before. Thanks
  4. baywatch

    repeatit wireless

    The customer would not allow any cabling down the outside of the lighthouse tower. I don't think it would work thru the walls as they are at least 10 foot thick solid stone.
  5. baywatch

    repeatit wireless

    Well by the number of replies I guess none of you guys have used this stuff. Just to report system is up & running with lighthouse people controlling IP ptz cameras over the bridge. Easy to set up & the customer is delighted.
  6. Its the police that pay, but the customer would be crazy to try to withold evidence in a murder case anyway. He usually doesn't know he has the evidence as it could just be 2 people leaving a club together or similar.
  7. Don't know what the police eventually do with the Hdd. We are paid to replace the Hdd with a new unit for the customer & our interest ends there. There is no reason for the police to return it to the customer.
  8. Where we have been involved with serious cases, murder, rape etc, the police here have impounded the Hdd from the machine. We have had to send a technician to replace the hard drv under police supervision & put the unit in a sealed bag with a signed statement as to what he has done.
  9. We make our CDs so they can be played on Windows Media Player (as does Geovision) the problem is the police do not keep their version of this up to date. In Britain if the video is edited in any way it is useless to courts, in serious cases the courts need the original recordinge.g. Hdd or complete DVR. If the police ask for (+ are willing to pay for) the incident to be put on video then we do it.
  10. baywatch

    repeatit wireless

    Anyone used this type of bridge before? We are thinking of using it for the project below. http://www.wirelesspro.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=393 We have to provide a wireless lan from the top of a lighthouse (land based) to the office block below (only about 30 yards). We must do it externally as the walls & floors are really thick stone, its not possible to cable it internally either. Any opinions gratefully received.
  11. We use an Archos pvr, this works well & we then download to PC & burn to CD for the police. We do quite a bit of this where dvrs have been installed by "fly by night" outfits & cops seem happy to pay. Laughably we sometimes have to put the images on to video tape (easy with the Archos) as the police can't even read some Geovision files. They are simply not allowed to keep their computer software updated.
  12. baywatch


    We tested the Huper and found that there are many superior systems available for the same cost.
  13. baywatch

    Digital I/O modules

    What country are you in? In the U.K. thereare many different typesoffloodlight controllers, one is made by System Q and can be used with a photocell to prevent daylight activation.
  14. With LPR you really need to use the best cameras possible & the Extreme (Derwent in U.K.) are the bollocks. We have installed some LPR systems however, for customers who are only interested in day time recording, using the cheap zoom cameras (as already suggested) with great success. Remember to up the frame rate & have a fast shutter speed if you are not using dedicated LPR equipment.
  15. baywatch

    Infrared Stuff

    If you look at"scene change" I think it is in version 8 then it has alow light setting that is supposed to stop this. We haven't tried it yet as we have been to busy away from base.