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    2 DVR's through IP address

    Do you have both ports forwarded in the modem/router?
  2. rmfjr78

    Power Supply

    grab a a cheap 12 v transformer and plug a few cameras into it to test em. If they come up and function, your power supply is shot. Also, you can use a multimeter on DC and check the terminals to make sure they are sending 12-13 volts constant. Also check the voltage at the cameras themselves.
  3. Use airbridges such as ubiquiti to bounce the signals around. Used em many times, very easy to use and program, and work rather well.
  4. https://www.checkvideo.com/
  5. Looks like an old BEST system.
  6. Also, did you format the hard drive/s when you installed the DVR?
  7. The setup is a HikVision 16 channel Analog NVR. The cameras are 16 HikVision TurboHD TVI cameras. The wire is rg-59u 95%. BNC's are Ideal Insite compressions. Power supply is an Altronix w/out fuses. I have one camera that will run for a few hours, then loses video. When the feed goes out, it almost looks like the IR's fire up and then it drops feed. We have tried multiple cameras, and switched NVR ports. Does not clear up the problem. Both ends have been re-termed. Wondering if its the rg-59 itself. Any ideas?