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  1. Hi The Hik ddns server is being discontinued, so you will need to update your camera Firmware for you to enable the Hik connect function,if your model camera allows this , its almost like a P2P connection, camera must have this function for it to work on the Hik connect server other option will be do get a new Hikvision NVR with the Hik connect function on , all the new models will have this , then connect the camera to the NVR and view the NVR on the app also you could purchase a ddns domain , through dyn.com for example then do port forwarding on you router (if your ISP allows ) and view your cameras remotely that way, I would recommend changing the default port of 8000 and use a secure password, but it will work hope this helps regards
  2. Hello If I remember correctly you cant update CH stock, we had a few 2 years back and we couldn't,Hikvision makes specific FW for the Chinese market , what is the problem with the cameras why you want to update them?, best to purchase from a accredited supplier with the local Firmware Regards
  3. topchips

    NVR dilemma

    Hi A standalone NVR is build for purpose , Pc based has many back round software and drivers running also Pc based is not as reliable as standalone too many things can go wrong, I always believe for security purpose the equipment needs to be reliable no point you have 30 cameras but when you need footage there is nothing there, just my opinion , I would definitely recommend the standalone NVR for your application use the PC as your viewing and management station Regards
  4. Hey According to Hik it wil work through the HIk connect, hope you get it right, Dahua is allot easier setup Regards
  5. topchips

    Hikvision iVMS-4200

    Hi Have you given the PC a static ip address? the best I have found is to use a standalone DVR/NVR to do the recording and the IVMS to manage and do the viewing and playback Regards
  6. Hi have you tried telneting in (PUTTY) Regards
  7. topchips

    IVMS-4200 Odd Glich

    Hi I had a similar issue , I reloaded my PC's Graphics drivers and that fixed the problem, hope this helps Regards
  8. Hi with Hikvision it should be able to do the Smart event push notification will test it for you and let you know other option will be Dahua, with there simple P2P function it works brilliantly , will only work with the Paid app though Regards
  9. topchips

    camera compatibility

    Hi First you must see what formats your DVR can take Eg: HDCVI, TVI, AHD then you know what camera you can go for Regards
  10. topchips

    NVR dilemma

    Hi Rather go for the Top brands , like Dahua or Hikvision, you will get better support and quality , http://dahuasecurity.com/products/allProducts/100 what resolution cameras would you like to run?, the NVR you would need will depend on the camera resolution you want to run, no point going for a high end NVR if you just gonna run 2mp cameras Regards
  11. topchips

    Changing my System

    Hi with a POE NVR you will need to manually set the Ip address of the POE network to the same range as the cam or vice versa ,it should power the camera either way, when using the same brand IP camera as the NVR, the NVR will automatically set the ip of the camera for you Regards
  12. Hi You can use a USB splitter to connect multiple mice to the DVR making sure the mouse don't need drivers like a Microsoft mouse, I have found the Genuis brand works very well
  13. topchips

    Problems with sound on CCTV

    Hi What format is your dvr recording on? try using the player software for your DVR alternatively use Dahua's smart pss https://dahuawiki.com/images/Software/SmartPlayer/general_player_eng_win32_v3.41.0.r.161031.zip hope this helps
  14. topchips

    Dahua not detecting full 3tb HDD?

    Hi , try connecting the HDD in a PC and format , the previous DVR could have locked the space or partitioned it, also test with another HDD to see if you get the same, alternatively do a firmware update Regards
  15. Try defaulting the unit and set it up again , had the same problem before and that sorted it out, also try updating the firmware