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  1. Does anyone have experience/opinion with these? (hawkisecurity,com) I searched the forum but did not see anyone commenting on them. Specifically, I am looking at the HAWK-561VXIRCD for a residential application requiring good night-time surveillance - mounted 20 feet high, monitoring a 50 foot long driveway with little or no light. I would appreciate any other suggestions in the $400 or below range. Thank you
  2. yia_hara

    8.11 main system software does not install

    After a series of installing/uninstalling programs and several failed attempts, the culprit was that I was not signed on using the "Administrator" userid. Even though the userid I was using was part of the Administrator group and had full read/write access, for some reason signing on using "Administrator" as the userid made the difference. Program installed with no problems. I hope this helps save someone's time in the future.
  3. This is a brand new install (GV600). Drivers installed with no problems - device manager shows no conflicts. However, when trying to install the Geovision Main System I get the hourglass for a few seconds and then nothing. No error message, no other indication. Double-clicking the setup.exe file from the DVR directory on the CD yields the same results. Operating system is Win2000. I made sure to install all Microsoft Updates before trying to install. Other applications seem to install fine - for example Multi View. Are there other (MS Net ?) requirements? I also tried uninstalling the drivers and trying to install the software - nothing. I tried the install program on a different PC and it runs fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated.