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  1. you can mix and match depending on your needs. 720P will work for general coverage and will save you $$. 1080P is ideal for areas you need more detail. 12FPS is still good recording frame rate so don't feel you need to record in real-time. I just picked up some 720P HD-TVI cameras for under $20 from ALIBI. Any HD-TVI will work on this DVR.
  2. CCTVProd

    Anyone use ALIBI HD-TVI 720P

    I actually picked a a few for back ups. Same as HIKVISION. Turret and bullet style for $20 or less.
  3. Any feedback on performance? I received an email promo from a company offering metal bullet and turret for $20each for dealers. They show 3 year warranty. I might pick some up soon.
  4. CCTVProd

    HD-TVI DVR Huviron or Hikvision ?

    I feel both can achieve similar functions and performance. Should consider warranty support. When things go wrong the one that has best after sales support is my choice.
  5. CCTVProd

    Hikvision or not?

    I know it is a little late but I just jumped on. I would say HIK is a good option vs some no name Chinese company or over priced name brand. HIK's newer stuff looks great and things like offload are easier. You can also look at one of HIK OEMs that seem to be lower cost vs HIK.
  6. 4 is the max on CAT5/6. 4 pairs= 4 Channels. Power locally and you will be good to go.
  7. CCTVProd

    HD-CVI, AHD, HD Analog ?

    The spec compares are provided by manufacture offering those technologies. So they twist it to benefit one or the other. They are all similar. I would look at what are the major players doing? HD-TVI- Digital WatchDog, HIKVISION, Speco, ALIBI, VITEK, NUVICO, LT Security, GE Security HD-CVI- Dahua, ICREALTIME (AVS), FLIR (MPX), Small Chinese suppliers AHD- Digital WatchDog, Samsung, Korean and Chinese Manufacture of course there are more but it looks like the major guys are going with HD-TVI. AHD is also very popular in China and Korea since Dahua owns HD-CVI. http://www.hdanalog.com/options/hd-tvi.html
  8. CCTVProd

    The Ultimate dashcam

    Whistler Dash Cameras are decent for the money. D17VR or D19VR
  9. CCTVProd

    HDCVI vs AHD

    Both are super cheap and will produce similar images today. If you are an installer/dealer I would pick the technology the majors companies are picking. Most are going with HD-TVI. Out of all of them I believe HD-TVI will be the first to make 4K recorders and accept up to 8MP cameras. 500meter transmission is a plus but I rarely transmit that far. I just purchased 720P HD-TVI bullet camera in metal housing for $24 and 1080P for $35. Most of the cheaper cameras are plastic and that does not work for me.
  10. from what I have seen WBOX is the older HIK stuff. Older sensors, dsp and other components. I also saw article that WBOX has the old hikvision security issues since hardware and software is older. Maybe FW will fix this. I don't buy from ADI since I can find most of the HIK gear cheaper online than my dealer cost from ADI. Most of the online guys I buy from buy from ADI. They get better price and sell to anyone online. Check your ADI cost vs what you can find it for online. There are a couple of HIK oem's that have a great selection and price. Most of it will be the same.
  11. It all depends on what you are trying to observe or capture. Those Samsung cameras might be ok for general surveillance but not for forensic detail. Making out a person you don’t know day or night at 25’ might not be possible. I purchased a similar system from online ALIBI Security company but was able to swap out a couple cameras for specific ones for my application. I needed more IR range than the fixed bullet camera. HD analog system like the Samsung would be a lower cost option and most will support up to 1080P. IP system would support higher megapixel but also comes with Higher cost.
  12. CCTVProd

    IZLID's Home CCTV System (help needed!)

    I know this is late. Not sure if you are still working on this or not. You don't need IP cameras to be remote accessible. In most cases the DVR or NVR is what you will network. So technically only 1 devices will need IP setup. Depending on your budget there are many options. You mentioned Supercircuits ALIBI brand and 3s. ALIBI seems to have what you are looking for but sound like your going to need help with design and install. 3S looks like an IP camera company. Call one of those companies and see if they can recommend an installer/dealer in your area to come out to your place. Hope this helps.
  13. CCTVProd

    Newbie Question: HDTVI vs IP Cams?

    Did you go with the HD-TVI or IP system? How is the performance? I'm looking at HD-TVI packages. Cost is less is what I'm seeing with similar results.
  14. CCTVProd

    NVR Hybrid upgrade

    I know its late but I didn't see anyone chime in. They seem to be similar. The ALI-HVR5016H accepts 2 1080P IP cameras. So its actually a TriBrid. Cost less than Nuvico. ALIBI Witness app looks nice