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  1. you can create different access authority of users to solve your problem.
  2. JESON

    CCTV Seller/Installer in Singapore

    hi ,Janice you can supply your company map , i can design the solution for you .
  3. JESON

    1080 HD CCTV for 100 meter viewing.

    HD-SDI the image is more better than AHD CVI AND TVI ,,, near IP camera HD camera . now HD SDI solution is very easy to install for you too.....
  4. JESON

    hikvision DS-2CD2332-I nas problem

    ip camera need be connected to pc or nvr , then connecting a nas
  5. JESON

    Outdoor Camera with mobile monitor

    the camera is cluding 3G sim card and sd card for recording , you can preview the image and playback by mobile on internet . off cause 3g fee is acording locate communication operator. nothing more ! if you intest this solution , i will explain more detail . my skype:reggery
  6. JESON

    Outdoor Camera with mobile monitor

    your wifi camera , i have checked . that is not 3G/4G camera , only wifi which can be used with router at home , so it can not satisfy for you . I konw one product with 3g or 4g , similar like this , which is suitabe for you .
  7. JESON

    User Guide in Spanish

    you can switch the lanuage to spanish in the system , check the operation guide. nomally the product donnot have spanish mannul
  8. maybe cannot make the preset , except home ptz camera
  9. JESON


    analog dvr + analog camera so so old products , the image is so bad , but the price is very cheap .
  10. JESON

    Outdoor Camera with mobile monitor

    Simple solution : ip camera(with sim card ,sd card) + batterry
  11. JESON


    please reference as below:
  12. JESON

    Outdoor Camera with mobile monitor

    Please reference
  13. JESON

    Hikvision camera

    HK IP camera support onvif which is the international protocol , nomally they can be used on NVR that supports onvif.
  14. JESON

    1080 HD CCTV for 100 meter viewing.

    Comprehensive consideration of price and image , Sequence of order as below: AHD ,CVI,SDI