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  1. hyperman88


    Hi Team, I am looking for DRV player? Can you provide me a link how to download this DRV format? Thanks and Regards, hyperman88
  2. hyperman88

    Playback Failed

    Hi Team, Our company has HIKvision with model DS-7716NI-E4. There is no issue when I downloaded the CCTV video., however when I tried to remote playback there is an error playback failed. Please see attached screenshot. Please advise. Thanks and Regards, Hyperman88
  3. hyperman88

    Audio on Failed

    Hi Securame, Appreciated your reply. My camera has no audio. I'm using MIC which has a RCA connector. Thanks and Regards, hyper
  4. hyperman88

    Audio on Failed

    Hi Team, I have NVR HIKvision with model DS-7716NI-E4 / 16P. I'm using a web base to access the CCTV in our outlet. I'm having a hardtime to enable the audio because of the error message Äudio on Failed". Please advice. Thanks and Regards, Hyper.
  5. hyperman88

    how to format the HDD in my DVR?

    Hi Daryl733, Thanks for your reply. I'm using stand alone DVR model is Hangbanggaoke.. I will try. Thanks..
  6. Hi team, I want to replace my HDD in my DVR because its already faulty. if I change the HDD, how to reformat because i dont know what OS inside this system. Please advise. Thanks, Hyper
  7. hyperman88


    Hi Team, Everytime I will open my web base CCTV this software (webcontrol.exe) keeps popping up and need to download. I already installed this many time but still asking to install. Do you know how to solve it? -Mark
  8. hyperman88

    File Size of Camera

    @SyconsciousAu: Thanks for the reply. I will try to modify the motion detect. I want to see the result. -Mark
  9. hyperman88

    File Size of Camera

    Hi Team, I have 5 cameras with same model and brand then when I checked the file size per day of each camera it's totally different. When I checked the configuration under Video parameters (I'm using Hanbanggaoke DVR) the configuration is all the same. File size of camera: Camera 1: 5.89 GB Camera 2: 6.78 GB Camera 3: 9.99 GB Camera 4: 10.03 GB Camera 5: 10.67 GB Please advise.
  10. hyperman88


    Hi Team, Do you have any link how to download this DVRemoteax.cab? Please advise. Thanks and Regards, Mackoy
  11. hyperman88

    SR-H2008-N DVR

    Hi Team, May I know if someone of you still using this model (SR-H2008-N DVR). I don't know how to download the filevideo for this model. I can't find as well how many file size can generate per camera per day. Do yo have any manual on how to operate of this device? Please advise. Thanks..
  12. Hi Support Team, Need your advise here, base on my calculation my retention of our CCTV is over 120 days. Our CCTV has been deployed since April 16, 2015. I tried to playback the CCTV on April 17 but I encountered an error message. "Query recording the number of days over 31 Days". Please see attached file. Please advise. Thanks Mark
  13. hyperman88

    iVMS-4200 issue

    Please help guys, the HDD of this NVR is 45TB but i cannot find how many file size per day and video for this recording. Any Advice?
  14. hyperman88

    Different Result

    @ SunnyKim - thanks for the reply. I find the answer to my query. The reason why the other DVR is big is because it's included the audio while the other DVR has no audio recordings.
  15. hyperman88

    Different Result

    I'm checking the log files for our CCTV DVR (CPU type) software is 5416ASE pro. I found out that DVR1 and DVR2 has the same configuration but the files size is different result. DVR1 the file size per day is 2.48 GB while the the DVR2 is 1.06 GB. Take not the FPS, resolution is the same. Any Idea how come the result is different?