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  1. Good morning. So, I have a basic DVR system in my house set up with 2 cameras. It was installed an set up by a friend of my friend. I have been using the app Super Pro Live to view the cameras while away. Just recently, I am unable to view the cameras and I get an error message; Failed to connect to device. Please check network and device! The only thing I know is that EASTERNDNS.COM is in the device name(if that helps). I went ahead and set up my own domain name on Easterndns in case I need that. FWIW, I can turn the monitor on and the cameras are working perfectly. Thank you in advance!
  2. Just had an camera installed at my house. The DVR came with disc in which the PDF files recommended Super Cam Pro as the app to use. So, my question, should that app suffice? Is there a better one that I should be using? Thanks!
  3. Looking for some assistance or if someone can point me in the right direction on configuring and setting up an IP camera system. This week, i will be installing one camera(starting with), running into a DVR in my office then connected to my wireless router. I can handle the install, the problem is configuring the whole system. Looking to view this on the internet, my Android device, my wife's Iphone. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thank much.
  4. Last night, I found a thread where someone listed a bunch of companies along with reviews. For the life of me, I cannot locate it. If someone can link, i would appreciate it. Thanks!
  5. sandman512

    Looking to set up a home system, (1) camera for now.

    Thanks for the reply. The camera is going to go under an overhand near my garage and face the street. I live in a court, so I will see any and all vehicles coming. Ideally, I would like it to have a built in SD card for recording.
  6. So, need to set up a home system. For now I would like to set up one dome camera with option for more if needed. Need the following: 1) Outdoor 2) Clea Picture and Night Vision 3) Recording capabilities 4) Access from PC, IOS and Android Device 5) Ability to add more cameras if need be. WHAT I HAVE. 1) Wireless router ***NO available ports** 2) Mac and PC at home Someone recommended to get Hikvision with SD slot? If someone can walk me through what I need to purchase and some basic install steps, I think I can handle it. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!
  7. Please dont listen to sunny...he/she must have a bunch of old analog cards to sell... Get a single IP camera with an sd card slot built in..many hikvision or dahua cameras have this option...you will need to run a since ethernet cable to the camera and by using a poe injector or cheap poe switch you can power and transmit data of a single cable...analog is out, particularity the standard definition analog...you want 720p at the minumum (NOT 700tvl or 960H, which are analog specs and will not provide a good image...) 1080p would be better...there are lots of posts on the forum..start reading the ip/megapixel section. Thanks much. If you wouldn't mind, any advice on which Hikvision to get along with a POE switch, and all my ports are filled, so I need a switch. While I am handy and can follow directions, not sure on what to purchase or what software is needed. Thanks much!
  8. Good morning. I hope I posted this in the correct forum, if not, if a mod could please move it, I would appreciate it. I am looking to put a camera on my house which would capture the front of the home. At this point, I need only one camera, but ideally would like to expand it in the future. I would like to access the video from a PC, IOS device and Android. My wireless router currently has no open ports, so I assume that wold be an issue. If someone can point in the correct direction, I would appreciate it. I am handy and for the most part(LOL) can do things my self. Thanks much! Sammy