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  1. GregDude

    iVMS SMS lost camera after password change

    For anyone else encountering this issue, here's how I worked around it. Work around: Log into camera via Web browser. Configuration -> Advanced -> Network Look at NAT tab. Observe large numbers under each category HTTP, RTSP, Server Port. Change from 'auto' to 'manual' and set them all to the same values as those under Port tab. Now SMS will find the camera and hold connection. I don't know why this happened. (At time of writing, I have not reverted back to 'auto' to see if still fixed.)
  2. GregDude

    Hikvision IVMS 4200 Stream Media Server

    Hi ytsejam_cst. My experience with Stream Media Server (SMS) was initially pleasant. Just run the SMS application and you will see it's log window in the notification tray. Run the iVMS Client software. Enable a SMS, then Add the SMS, then click Configure and you should be able to select cameras from a list. Once the SMS is connected to those cameras, the Client and the Storage Server will both automatically use the SMS rather than direct connection. You will have to reconnect the live view (in the Client) to take effect, or exit and restart the Client. If working properly, the SMS log window will show eg. 2 incoming streams (for 2 cameras) and 4 outgoing streams (eg. Client + Storage server accessing). You should find the latest documentation PDF was installed with the iVMS software. Hope that helps.
  3. I'm running iVMS-4200 with 2 cameras. Client, Stream Media Server (SMS), Storage Server were all setup and working fine. However I left the camera default password while setting up. Now I've changed the password on both cameras. I can log in repeatedly via a web browser and view the live feeds. The Stream Media Server (SMS) however only sees 1 camera. When the SMS is enabled, the Client app says "Reconnecting. Error Code SMS[17]." For the 2nd camera. The SMS log window appears to show repeated attempts to connect to the 2nd camera with port number changing. I've repeatedly tried adding and removing the cameras from client management. Reinstalled the whole iVMS software. Changed the passwords back to default. Nothing will raise that 2nd camera on the SMS. Both cameras still work fine and log in from web browser or Client without SMS enabled. Please help if you can.