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  1. logicrussh

    Dome camera expanded view

    Hi, on my job i have 22 cameras installed, i installed all cameras like 2 years ago, but a couple days ago one of the cameras is doing something weird. The problem is on one dome camera (DAHUA) before the camara was OK, but i noticied that the view was a little bit zoomed. Now sometimes the camera changes something on the configuration by itself and the view changed (The camera looks amazing when it happens, the view is more expanded, and the image quality is much better than before) but then in about 1 or 2 hours it comes back to the initial view. By the way, i enter the web configuration for this camera and cant found anything related to that. Could be this some electrical issue? (Not enough power) its weird because the camera looks zoomed since we installed it. Hope you can help me, and sorry about my english, i put my best. Thank you.
  2. Any ideas of what could be causing this? KRxyOvyv9Sc
  3. logicrussh

    Blue Color on camera

    There's no such option on the DVR... All i saw was color adjustments bright, gamma, sharpness, etc..
  4. logicrussh

    Blue Color on camera

    DVR Brand: DAHUA Specs: 16 Channels HDCVI 720P / 1080P / ANALOGIC / 2 IP / 4 AUDIO / HDMI / VGA / P2P / 2 INTER CAMERA Brand: DAHUA Model: HFAW2200B36 Specs: HD HDCVI - 1080P / 2 MP / 3.6 MM Lens / SMART IR 98 ft / IP66 / 12VCD
  5. One of the cameras has this blue image. until i turn off the power supply and turn it back on, but, few hours later it comes back to blue. Any ideas on whats wrong whit it?
  6. logicrussh

    Nocturne Mode Problem

    I'm not an expert on cctv so, how can i log in into the camera ?... at the moment so far, i got this: but there's no Day/Night option on it. after searching on the web, i found this tool, where now i see that option with 3 options wich are: Color, Auto, Black and White. but the problem is that when i selected "Auto" by example. it doesnt save it.
  7. logicrussh

    Nocturne Mode Problem

    Can't find that option that you mentioned, i don't know if there's some way to get that option on NVR or from the WebPanel. I'm gonna attach the pic of the web interface and a video that shows the problem. hope you can help me, because this is driving me crazy VIDEO: df9ab6HR9mU
  8. i recently changed one of my cameras because it got blue image everytime it changed to nocturne mode. Now that i have my new camera i have some problems too. The problem is, everytime the camera tries to change to nocturne mode, the image jumped between filters again and again for the eternity until it comes back to normal mode. The camera is like 328 ft away from power supply. That camera is connected directly with a 12V power adapter. BRAND: DAHUA MODEL: DH-HAC-HFW1200BN-B-0360B Help please
  9. logicrussh

    IR Problem

    Couple days ago i asked for a problem that i had about blue image on one of my cameras, now i saw the playback video of this particular camera and i found this: One day the camara is ok then it changed to Nocturne mode, all good at this point, but when the camera comes back to normal mode it has little red/blue image on it, then it increase to the point i get blue image totally and it stays there all days until i turned off the power supply. Any suggestions on what can i do to solve this?
  10. logicrussh

    Power Supply Problem

    yes, i already did that, without luck.
  11. i have 11 cameras connected to the power supply, the model of the power supply is "SAXXON F12V10A18C". Specs: 18 Channels Input: 100-240 AC. Output: 12 V DC. Total Amperage: 10 Amp. Max. Amp: 1.1 Amp/channel. The problem is that one of the cameras has blue image, everytime that i turn off the power supply and i turn on again, the problem has gone, but in about 4 or 5 hours the problem is back again.
  12. logicrussh

    Wire POE - Trendnet TVIP310-PI

    You can see how the cable colors are on the rj45 female connector.
  13. logicrussh

    cable management at the wall