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    I think overall it is a good product with suitable price. This is a very user friendly cctv dvr.
  2. Go for Halfords dash cams. They are giving best quality dash cams for every place. Their higher end dash cams come with G-sensors that detect an impact and automatically save the footage, so you won't have to worry about doing it yourself in case of a crash.
  3. Donald1

    Looking for home security camera -

    This looks good enough while securing your property. Having 2-3 cameras at various locations can be quite helpful. Had they given it a cloud storage it would have been a great deal.
  4. Donald1

    security camera from costco

    I like this system it has really some good features.
  5. Donald1

    security camera from costco

    Q-see.com provide best security cameras.
  6. You must login the camera in browser and have to check settings.
  7. Donald1

    Advise: Hikvision or watchDog IP camera

    Hikvision is good as compared to watchDog.
  8. Donald1

    Newbie Looking for a Home Camera System

    I love Amcrest 4 Channel 960H Video Security System AMDV 960H4-4B features a 500 GB hard drive and four 800TVL bullet cameras. This is bet for the home security.
  9. Donald1

    Looking for a very sensitive IP camera

    http://in.pcmag.com/webcams/36739/feature/the-best-ip-cameras-for-home-surveillance This link is a good source for choosing a IP camera it will help you.
  10. I would recomend you IP system 720P this is a good option for you.
  11. Donald1

    Need advice on type of camera

    Choose a surveillance camera that has the ability to record when there is a low level of light available.
  12. Donald1

    Looking for a very sensitive IP camera

    Hikvision DS-2CD2412F-I cameras are good option to go for.
  13. Security surveillance cameras plays major role in security of business, house, apartment, home and for a society as a whole. This Article will help everybody who planing to have a security surveillance cameras. http://www.cnet.com/news/building-the-best-security-camera/
  14. Donald1

    Where to buy Hikvision?

    Hikvision is a very good brand and these cameras are way cheaper here as compared to local market. No quality issue, I received genuine product and fast delivery (3rd day).
  15. I only look for security cameras for my home which ultimately provide peace of mind for me and my family. No more worrying about my home or property while I am away on vacation or at work.