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  1. elirebelband

    Video distortion

    here is a picture of how it currently look. Thank you for your help
  2. elirebelband

    Video distortion

    Yes, I am using the same power supply, in fact I have two, the one that came with the camera in the first place, and another one that I bought for it. I also tried disconnecting all new devices and letting the system run with the original devices, and still does the same.
  3. elirebelband

    Video distortion

    cctvmann I have brand new unopened cameras and cables and tried as you told me. They are brand new, and I disconnected the cameras already installed and it does the same. I turned the dvr off for installation and after setting it up I turned on and did the same thing, with just one brand new camera and cable. I checked everything and still.
  4. elirebelband

    Video distortion

    I have a H.264 8 Channel DVR Model CDR0860 which came with 4 cameras. Recently I added a 700TVL CMOS 48IR LED Dome camera, and a 1/4 Sharp CCD 420 TVL 48LED outdoor camera both with 60ft BCN video Power Siamese Cable. A couple of days later the image started to look distorted on all channels. It is like a squirrel effect. When you turn the DVR off and back on the image get fixed for about 15 seconds and the distortion comes back again. I even disconnected the additional cameras and still does the same thing. When you go to the menu there is no distortion on menu screen. Hope anybody can help me since I am a newbie in this matter and I have been researching the web for this problem and have not find any information on it.