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  1. araduk

    Cctv conversation

    Hi I have come up with a link to show more detail I also have a concern that I may not be able to get compatible cameras, to my set up, because it appears that the analogue cameras are being phased out and I refit my own bnc cable, any help will be great http://araduk.wixsite.com/mysite
  2. araduk

    HD fishing camera

    Ok thanks Mattagie I do also put together kits that use cctv dome cameras with 7 inch and 9 inch monitors, but I am concerned that the analogue cameras will be phased out and it will be hard make anything else compatible because I strip them from there cable, and replace it with 15m of bnc cable by soldering, if there is any advise on this it would be much appreciated, I put this together. http://araduk.wixsite.com/mysite
  3. araduk

    HD fishing camera

    Hi everyone I am struggling to understand HD on the smaller camera kits, I sometimes convert these for use as inspection cameras, but some of my friends are telling me its not proper HD Why? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/7-Color-HD-Monitor-30M-Fish-Finder-Underwater-Fishing-Video-Camera-Professional-/331947220572?hash= Any answers would be appreciated.
  4. araduk

    Cctv conversation

    Thanks for your help it's all connected and working ok ok
  5. Hi I would like to convert a cctv camera to a duct camera I am using a cheap 9 inch monitor, and will be soldering the red black and yellow wires to a 3 pin female plug with a 12v 1a power supply, I will be using a dome cctv camera by opening the camera and cutting the wires and connecting red wires together same with the black, yellow remain, so no connectors! I brought 15 m of cctv cable which has red and yellow wire plus a bare wire, will this work if I connect relevant colours together and bare wire to the black, on the other end I will be connesting the male 3 pin plug. Thanks for your help